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Facebook to introduce new platform "Atlas" for advertisers for tracking users across multiple devices

#Facebook is set to launch a new advertising platform for the #advertisers which will help them to target and check the results of the #advertisement they buy on the web  more effectively.

This new product is known as atlas and it is a re-vamped version of the Atlas Advertiser suite taht facebook bought from #microsoft in 2013.

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#Google Severely Hits PBNs
Google targets PBN's this time

There is a lot of buzz all around the Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO communities through out the web regarding the efforts made by #google to target #PrivateBlogNetworks (#PBN).

There are news regarding google is going behind those PBN's which are used to manipulate there rankings. Google has already sent more than 100 manual action notifications to these #websites.

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#DuckDuckGo Blocked in China
Now DuckDuckGo is blocked in China

After #Google now #DuckDuckGo joined the list of blocked search engine in china. founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg confirmed that the search engine is now blocked in China. Earlier when this news broked they were saying that the search engine is working properly in mainland china but now they hae confirmed the ban over them. Reports all over the internet suggests the blocking of search engine started on 3rd of september.

Only search engines with chinese servers can work in china like yahoo and bing and they have to work under the media laws of china.

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Common Pay per click mistakes you should avoid

#Payperclick advertising is a successful way to get more clicks, #traffic and potential customers to any #website. Tools like #Google AdWords are used in PPC. Professionals all over the world work on pay per click. However, there are times when even experts make mistakes.

Some common mistakes done by PPC professionals, that you should avoid, are:
Landing users on home or other pages
Loose focus on keywords
Ignoring competition

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Google has removed #googleplus brand box from the logged out searches
The availability of the brand box in case you are logged in to google plus account depends upon the recent activity of that brand page.
UPDATE: Turns out it was just a bug, and the Google+ elements will return to Knowledge Panel brand boxes. Story at

BREAKING: Google Removes Google+ Brand Box from Logged Out Search

Thanks to +Matt Ridout for alerting me to this. It appears that Google is no longer showing the Google+ Knowledge Panel brand box in the right panel for branded searches of companies that have a verified and active Google+ page.

They still show in personalized (logged in) search (whether or not you have the brand circled - but only if the brand has been recently active on Google+).

What Does This Mean?
As sure as the sun will rise in the morning, this news will feed the usual "Google is shutting down Google+" rumor mill. I don't think that's at all what it indicates, any more than all the other "signs" from the past.

What I do think we are seeing is something I predicted back when +Vic Gundotra left in the spring (see, that Google+ wasn't going away, but that we would see Google repositioning it in the coming year.

For its first three years Google+ was very much "in your face" for anyone approaching Google from almost any angle. You had to get a Google+ account to do anything useful in Google. Author profile photos in your search results. YouTube comments becoming Google+ posts. Google+ brand boxes in search. etc. etc.

Now as Google+ has matured and has accomplished what I think it was supposed to do for Google (establishing one Google login/identity across all Google services, for one thing), I think we are beginning to see a repositioning of Google+ where it will move more into the background. It will still be developed, still have new features, and the social network will continue on. It will still be the identity and login service for Google products. But it is going to be less and less in your face.

It's Personal Now
But not everywhere. The one place where we are seeing Google+ actually being stepped up and made more visible is in personalized (logged in) search. Even as Authorship was pulled out of regular search, we saw a stepping up of Authorship-style rich snippets and elevated results for both people and brands in personalized search (see 

This further change to move Google+ brand box results to personalized search only seems to be another move in that direction. Google is realizing that social results have the most value when they are truly social: when they are for people and brands you have intentionally circled on Google's social network.

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YouTube is Launching a Offline Video mode for India

After the launch of #android one which is google's initiative to introduce the smart phone experience to those who still doesn't own one till now.

#Google announced one more big news for its users in #india . #YouTube will be enabling most of the videos to be watched offline in india. This feature will be introduced in next few weeks.

Caesar Sengupta(VP product management) Google, Said that "YouTube is very famous in india and they watch some videos again and again. So he said that how it would be if the users can save a video and watch it again and again without spending there data packs"

This announcement came with a disclaimer that the downloading rights will be with the creator of content

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Reason behind the credits in the search results
Google sometimes shows credits in the search results for #KnowledgeGraphs and answers?

Have you ever seen that sometimes credits are given in the answers and the knowledge graphs in search results and sometimes the result comes without any credits.

The reason behind this thing is that sometimes the searched query is too common that many peoples or sources might have given some information about them so it isn't possible to give credit each one of them so in these cases the credits are not given and when there are very few sources who have given some information about the searched query then the credits will be given to the source from which the anser is derived.

for e.g., if you search "What is Obama's age" then credits won't be mentioned but if you search some lesser known things like "What is Obama's religion" which is not so common like the earlier thing then credits will be there.
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Silicon Valley Guy Behind Digg introduced his New App Tiiny

Kevin Rose who was behind #Digg has launched a new #iOS #app yesterday named #Tiiny. This app allows its users to share GIFs and Thumbnail size images in a grid of 3X4 and you can show this images to your followers and the image will get disappeared in 24 hours.
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