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VEINS OF THE EARTH - encumbrance
How the new encumbrance system interact with the standard one in LofTP? There is still the difference between heavy and minor items? How much the lumens weight?
I can't find the answers in the book, so i'm assuming everything from the core manual still applies and 100 lumes fill one item slot as the coins did before.

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I thought it would be easier translating my notes in a real adventure. Finally I've made it. Here my entry for the +One Page Dungeon Contest There are some mechanics for potion miscibility, a great deal navigating this lab overrun by magical, giant leukocites.
One Page Dungeon Entry - and first post!
One Page Dungeon Entry - and first post!

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Finally, after all hope was lost, after three months of waiting...
Now i've to resist the urge to reboot for the third time my open table just to insert all the things i'm going to like in here.

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Maps, by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinksy is a children geographical atlas. I think that's pretty gameable: each map could be a good reference for a sandbox. What do you think? Have you ever used child books as game aids?
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Your setting is actually a dungeon. How would the stocking tables for your setting look like?
Mine are:

1-The Kindly Ones, human-sacrificing cult of the Old Forest Gods
2-Quasi-sentient illusions
3-Spell reflecting wolves
4-Self-assembly mechanical beetles
5- Funny trolls
6- Funnier goblins

TRAP - i suck at this game
1- blades on the staircase handrail
2- laser beam glyph
3- fire spitting statues
4-summoned/imprisoned monster
5-revolving doors
6-Illusory floor

1-special class unlock (often through some trainer npc)
2-Speculum Animae - respec your character at will
3- Carved Marble Slabs
4- "The Girl from Luskan" opera libretto
5- Giant soul-bonding magitek mecha
6-Dried mushrooms

1 Portal to the Tower of Illusions
2 The mountains are a dreaming Dragon/Giant
3 Witches always between birch trees
4 Floating continents/islands
5 dungeon inside a colossal tree
6 permanent world-shattering eclipse

2-Sacrifice Altar
3-distant vulcano eruption
4-abandoned wineyard
5-stage curtain
6-human looking landscape

Whoa, it was harder than expected

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I've found a treasure I could never imagine at Stratagemma in Florence today. A treasure I'm eager to try on my players...
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slowly building up my OSR collection... what should I get now?

Yesterday I've DMd +James Raggi's Death Frost Doom in my West Marches campaign "Terre di Confine". My players did everything right, avoided most of the curses, but in the end... they had to run with no treasure. Now they are furious and I've to relocate everything several hexes away... and that's great!
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Hack & Slash
Hack & Slash
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