An example of a Heavy Bodyweight + Clubbell Workout Day

Here's what I did yesterday on Sunday, after consuming nice Noxipro Pre-Workout drink + CTD Labs 17 Hardcore Myotrophic Muscle Developing

Ab Wheels (Ultimate Body Press 10 fast, 2 sets by 2 reps slow.

Pull-up 6 (warming regular)

Power Wheel (Lifeline USA
a) Roll, pause, streighten a leg. 6 times (on a back)
b) Leg curl - two sets (on a back)
c) Plank -30 sec
d) Leg curl 10 reps 2 sets
e) Pike 10 reps 2 sets
f) Croll back-forth, left-right
g) Walk back-force
h) Leg-curl push-up 10
i) Pike + push up 10
j) Pike + push up 10

Pull-us 10 wide, false grip
Handstand push-up (almost) 7
Dip leg raise + spread - 10
Power push up (Lifeline USA, two red, 40 lbs sum) - 10
Pull-up regular with 12 pound Cathe Friedrich Vest - 8
Handstand pushup (almost) 5
Dips with red+green+blue resistance bands (Ultimate Body Press 10
Power push up (two red - 40 lbs) - 10
Pull-up regular with 20 pound Cathe Friedrich Vest - 8
Dips L-hold 7 sec 2 times
Dip leg raise, spread - 10
Uneven push-up (one hand on basketball) - 10 on each side. (Preparing for single-hand push-up according to "Convict Conditioning book)
Uneven pull-up (one hand on towel) - 6 each hand (Preparing for single-hand pull-up according to "Convict Conditioning book)
Dip leg raise, spread - 10
Scott Sonnon's Clubbell Rhythmic Workout (10 and 15 lbs Clubbells).
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