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Vladimir Kelman
Web developer, Android and Google fan, mountain climber, photographer. BeachBody Independent Coach.
Web developer, Android and Google fan, mountain climber, photographer. BeachBody Independent Coach.


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Why am I not surprised at all?

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I can't wait for the FCCs new "Make 56K Great Again" plan

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Great! Way more reasonable response, than the shameful way Google reacted (by firing that employee.)

"Ostracizing people for expressing their opinions creates isolation — the opposite of inclusion."

"I agree with one of the main tenets of your manifesto. Google should create an environment where you feel safe to openly discuss these opinions & beliefs. It’s the only way you can grow intellectually. If you feel like you’re stuck in an ideological echo chamber, then you should absolutely call that out."

"I agree that the smallest minority on earth is the individual. If individualism is one of your core values, then you of all people should be a champion for people like myself who are being actively discriminated against for being just that — an individual. Not a woman. Not a feminist. Not anything that’s part of a tribe. An individual."

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Photo blog template / site / whatever?

What would you use as a photo blog? Something beautiful, with customizable template. Something suitable, among other things, for writing stories about ski / mountaineering expeditions with a bunch of photographs.
I'm thinking about both
- a template allowing to create a complete set of HTML pages which I would be able to upload to my or other sites;
- actual hosting providing photo blog capabilities

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Here's what is called the biased reporting

Near the top of the article:

"Three Israelis were stabbed to death in a Jewish settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, hours after three Palestinians were killed in violence prompted by Israel's installation of metal detectors at entry points to the Noble Sanctuary-Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem's walled Old City."

Way below:

"Israel decided to install the metal detectors at the entry point to the shrine in Jerusalem's walled Old City on Sunday, after the killing of two Israeli policemen on July 14.

The shrine includes the al Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam, and the golden Dome of the Rock. It was also the site of an ancient Jewish temple, the holiest place in Judaism..""

As I also heard on NPR, "Palestinians" were offended by installation of metal detectors and that caused violence. While in reality they were "offended" by inability to continue unprovoked bloodshed they began by killing Israeli policemen.
Also note usage of that "also" above instead of "both".

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Stupid article, stupid move by Stanford University. As most comments under article point out, beginning to study programming with JavaScript is very bad. JavaScript does not impose right structure easily allowing to right very bad code. To write a good style JavaScript code requires much more knowledge of deep programming concepts.
To learn concepts, Java or C# are much more suitable. But, as some comments pointed out, I would even start with classic C and then C++.
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