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Richard Brooksby
I don't use Google+. See "Links".
I don't use Google+. See "Links".

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Please do not try to reach me via Google+

I still don't use Google+. See "Links" on my profile.

Google quietly moved confidential docs (uploaded at the insistence of clients) to my "Google Drive" under its new terms, which state that it can do whatever the hell it likes with them. DELETE DELETE!

Still no Flickr integration for Google+, I see.

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Google+ seems quiet. Too quiet.

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Little people don't deserve pseudonymity because they'll misbehave. How like totalitarian dictators FB and G+ sound. These social worlds are polities, and the governments are corporations. Terms of service and community standards are laws and social contracts. Any Second Life user can tell you that, and just how unjust these corporations are to their user-citizens.

One problem here is that Google's law enforcement is much more effective than Facebook's. If you're going to enforce laws, they'd better be a lot more subtle than a page of vague “community standards”, and your police will need training and discretion. None of these things seems to have dawned on Google.

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A metagamer's take on being banned from Google+. Note that they blocked Pixeleen's Gmail access as well.

Also, if you look up the help on how to "downgrade" from Google+, it says you will lose access to "some services" but doesn't say which. So, who's going to press that button?

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Google's justification of its “real names” policy is so hollow. They're hiding something.
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