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Looks like a great and informative talk!
Why Nutrients for All and How the Nutrient Economy Can Get Us There?

Nutrients are the connecting thread between us, the food we eat, and the soil that it comes from, relating to nearly every aspect of life. The complex, and remarkable, thing about making nutrients available for human beings is it requires making nutrients available for all—for ecosystems, soils, farms, plants, animals, and ourselves

How we make Nutrients for All a reality is up for debate, and requires perspectives not just from the health, agriculture, and environmental sectors, but also from the business, finance, and information technology sectors. We get there by building a more inclusive and holistic system: a Nutrient Economy.

This why Ashoka, the world's largest organization of social entrepreneurs, is launching the "Nutrients for All" campaign - a movement to demonstrate the different elements of this emerging nutrient value chain and how these elements need to woven together.

Join us for a Google+ Hangout series that will take us on a journey through Nutrient Economy, and the role of each sector and actor in facilitating a Nutrients for All world. Each week we will feature conversations between thought leaders, experts, innovators, and media gurus from a wide range of fields.

This is the first Hangout in the series - a conversation with the Ashoka visionaries of the Nutrient Economy movement:

Bill Carter, Diamond Leader for Africa at Ashoka

David Strelneck, Senior Adviser on Environment/Social Entrepreneurship at Ashoka

David Aylward, Senior Adviser, Global Health and Technology at Ashoka

Basil Kransdorff, Ashoka Fellow and Founder of e'Pap
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