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She's gorgeous – and such well-controlled power and emotion in her voice! I've loved Daryl Hall for many years and they work, and blend together, so beautifully. Thanks for pointing me back to this post, Meg.
You are welcome Jadey. Darryl Hall loves other musicians and you can tell. I really dug him highlighting this young talent. He is paying it forward. fyi... Darryl's House is a weekly(?) pod cast. Don't know if you knew that. I have done quite a few of his songs on my stream.
I didn't know that! I'll keep a better look-out, in future, and hunt the podcasts down, too.
Hey Charles!! Yes. He has a website.. Live from Darryls House that is worth a visit if you like.
Me too. One of my favorites. I don't see John Oates too much. Hall collaborates with all different musicians who visit him in his studio at his house. Some of the gigs are really good because as you can tell he has a really good backup band.
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I'll have to start making my posts public. Heretofore I have limited them to my circle. Can't remember why this ended up public.
I love what Darryl Hall is doing with this show.
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