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Under Cover: Submersible Electro Hydraulic Actuators

Completely sealed from the external environment, The Kerry Company’s single solution submersible electro-hydraulic actuators are a hidden gem, virtually maintenance-free and capable of withstanding a vast array of harsh environments due to their proprietary self-contained, sealed design.

Personalized Power at Your Fingertips
Already well-known and respected in the industry for their Kerry Actuators, The Kerry Company takes their latest submersible actuator design to another level, uniquely creating, fully customizing, and constructing each submersible for the application it will be put to use for in-house at its U.S., Allison Park, Pennsylvania facility.

A Treasure Trove of Impressive Features
Designed to your unique specifications, the company’s submersible electro-hydraulic actuators offer an impressive collection of features, including…

A tough shell.
Perfect for rugged use, the Kerry Company’s submersible actuator offers both weather proof or submersible/immersion designs that can be constructed for the necessary depth of submersion. Actuators can also be constructed on-spec for unclassified or classified uses, including for use with hazardous gases and dusts. It has no protective covers, maintaining environmental ratings, and is specifically engineered to minimize exterior tubing. Necessary tubing is constructed of heavy-wall stainless hydraulic tubing, as seen in the company’s submersible electro-hydraulic actuator video.
Ease of use.
The single unit can be simply and easily controlled via electric controls and motor, with a variety of electrical control (and other) configurations available to meet your needs. The front of the reservoir, on the valve manifold, includes external adjustable controls for pressure, speed, and test ports for diagnostics. In addition, the device comes pre-configured with ramp up/ramp down times, and includes liquid level hydraulic reservoir sight gauges, as well as an optional position monitor system via an in-cylinder mounted transducer to show you exactly where you are in the cylinder stroke, by percentage.
Submersible or weather proof electro-hydraulic actuators are capable of mounting to an array of surface configurations, and as always, uniquely designed for each and every one of our customers to meet their specific business needs.
With strokes to 20 feet and thrusts to one million pounds, no job is too big for these powerful actuators.
In too deep without the right equipment? The Kerry Company can help, with the customizable electro-hydraulic actuator solutions you need for safety, efficiency and success. Dive in and discover more today.
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