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Scott Fegette
bassist, designer, writer, father.
bassist, designer, writer, father.

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I'm really proud of our brand-new update to Chris Nodder's fantastic course series, UX Design Techniques. In this overview course, Chris gives a top-down look at a workflow focused upon user-centered techniques that connect you to your users' true needs. This, along with the 6 followup courses diving into each technique specifically, form a fantastic overview of design thinking practice for UX pros of all varieties. Enjoy!

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Dig this series!  A peek into the minds of expert coders solving common problems with different languages - and comparing the results.
Code Clinic's back–and focusing on 4 new languages in 2015: Swift, R, C, and JavaScript. Join our live Hangout to explore how each of these languages rose to the Code Clinic challenge, and get a peek into the brains of expert coders at work.

The physical knobs on stompboxes make 'em more flexible to tweek on the fly, but I sometimes miss the gig-to-gig precision of digital presets. The nuances of that unreal bass tone last night will likely elude me for another few months. Argh.

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You know you want one.

First G+ post. Feeling a wee bit n00bish, and wishing Facebook had some of these UI niceties.
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