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Todd Larsen
A geek passionate about science, technology, the outdoors, beekeeping, cattle, ...
A geek passionate about science, technology, the outdoors, beekeeping, cattle, ...

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"Getting a home loan right now is easier than getting an auto loan."
--some local bank vice president

Good one. I'm laughing all the way to the... uh... yeah.

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"The last comma can serve to resolve ambiguity."

An estimated $10 million worth of ambiguity in this particular case.

Boys and girls, the Oxford comma is your friend. Please is it, or it might cost you one day.

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So, it seems like it is about time for the major content creators to get on board with technologies like DVR in the cloud, at least.

"About 54% of U.S. adults said they have Netflix in their household -- while 53% have a DVR, according to Research Group's annual on-demand study.

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My favorite comment:

"I'm an American from California, and you need a permit here for that much bacon..."

While the Quora answer linked below is quite amusing, even more hilarity is to be found in the Imgur comments on the original "As a European this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast" image here:

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Noel and Marty just hanging out together.

Noel is our 6-year-old female American short-hair, who adopted us by first hanging around our barn when she was less than a year old.

Marty is our 9-year-old male registered Border Collie that has been a part of the family since he was a puppy.

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"Mankind soon learn to make interested uses of every right and power which they possess, or may assume. The public money and public liberty ... will soon be discovered to be sources of wealth and dominion to those who hold them; distinguished, too, by this tempting circumstance, that they are the instrument, as well as the object of acquisition. With money we will get men, said Caesar, and with men we will get money. Nor should our assembly be deluded by the integrity of their own purposes, and conclude that these unlimited powers will never be abused, because themselves are not disposed to abuse them. They should look forward to a time, and that not a distant one, when a corruption in this, as in the country from which we derive our origin, will have seized the heads of government, and be spread by them through the body of the people; when they will purchase the voices of the people, and make them pay the price."

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1784

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Huntsville, Alabama Is Suddenly Awash In Broadband Competition, Showing Why Comcast Is So Afraid Of Municipal Broadband

"For years, we'ved noted how incumbent ISPs have waged a not-so-subtle war on towns and cities looking to escape from the high prices and abysmal service of the country's broadband duopoly (which is actually quietly becoming more of a cable monopoly without many noticing). Many of these cities have taken to either building fiber networks themselves -- or striking public/private partnerships with companies like Google Fiber or Ting/Tucows -- because the private sector has failed to deliver the service and connectivity they want at prices they can afford."

"This kind of grassroots revolution is precisely why large ISPs like Charter, Comcast and AT&T have spent the last decade lobbying for (and in most instances directly writing) protectionist bills across twenty different states banning local citizens from making these kinds of decisions for themselves. If you want to see precisely why these regional monopolists are so afraid, you need look no further than Huntsville, Alabama."

"City-owned Huntsville Utilities has been building a fiber broadband network that should service the lion's share of the city's homes and businesses over the next few years. What's more, the network will be open access -- meaning that ISPs can come in and compete with each other over the regional infrastructure. Google Fiber has already signed up to be one of at least three ISPs taking advantage of the build, and should begin offering service there by the middle of this year."

#GoogleFiber #FiberIsComing #HSV

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Where does your Political Compass point?


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