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Aaron Douglas
Not the athlete, actor or artist. The one that does Internet Marketing.
Not the athlete, actor or artist. The one that does Internet Marketing.

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Just 55 years ago Ruby Bridges, six years after (!) Brown vs. BOE, became the first black girl to attend a white elementary school in the deep south - escorted by US Federal Marshals. 

There was a massive crowd of white people throwing things and shouting "two, four, six, eight, we don't want to integrate!" 

Not weird white people. Not outliers of society. Normal every day white people. Expressing their superiority over N**** and N****.  That is the scary part. How normal people thought all this was ok and even their right.

People pulled their kids out of school that day (500 kids!). All teachers refused to teach while a black child was enrolled. Barbara Henry was the only person who agreed to teach Ruby. And for over a year taught Ruby alone.

Ruby was a brave girl. Her mom deserves an astonishing amount of credit for deciding to send Ruby to the school and sticking with it even has her entire family suffered. Big props to all of them, AND the white people who continued to send their kids to the school, who helped the Bridges family.

There is almost no one who would read Ruby's story today and not think it was all so despicable and racist and many other things. There is almost no one who is not filled with outrage at what people believed then and how terribly they acted.

And yet, today so many continue to discriminate. A majority in many states and countries!

Take gay rights. The passion you see expressed in this three min short movie against Ruby,, is the same you see so often in protests against gay rights. Or we are against other religious. Or reproductive choices. Or so many other things.

Why don't we see that 50 years from now (or 5 years from now) people watching our religious/sex/origin/skin color/gender protestations will think of us as being just as awful, bigoted, and despicable as those people who protested against Ruby?

I am deeply proud of the progress our country has made. I hope that we will see our bigotry not in a rear-view mirror but right when we express it, right when we trample on the rights of another human. It is harder to see it in the moment. But I pray that we do.


PS: Please watch, and show your kids, this brief three min clip: And here's a short Wikipedia page on Ruby, absolutely worth a read:

PPS: If you are international and can't see the above video, checkout this different one:

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Guide to Using Call Tracking for Local Search

When it comes to using call tracking for local search, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Adopt a call tracking strategy that doesn’t account for NAP consistency and you’re setting yourself up for a lot of citation cleanup at best, and utter failure at worst. Many of us have heard the nightmare stories about some company that used call tracking and rankings completely tanked. Or possibly worse, we’ve heard the story of a business losing access to a call tracking number that was used to represent their business all over the web. It’s understandable to be wary of call tracking numbers and local search.

However, there is one foolproof way to get the benefits of call tracking without sabotaging your local visibility. This guide aims to show you how to get your call tracking cake and eat it, too.

Every small business needs to read this from +Mike Blumenthal and +CallRail. It might not be what you (or I) want to hear but this is an area where getting it wrong could be truly disastrous.

#seo   #local   

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+Squarespace offering $10 Getty Images. Very appealing.
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