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Kelli Ritchie
A technogeek, amateur photographer, metal/rock music enthusiast
A technogeek, amateur photographer, metal/rock music enthusiast


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Quite a cool give away.. Christmas (like Winter) is coming 😎🎅⛄🎁

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Who wants to go to work when they have this view at home? But..I owe I owe so off to work I go.

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I just love when my backyard wakes up in Spring. Love even more that I have helpful critters/wildlife that plant new surprises every year :)
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Miss Ruby decided vibrations were better than the warmth of the cable box during a GoT binge. Such a funny cat.

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My roses just doing their thing...reds haven't done much yet but yellows are fabulous.
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Best, most thorough review of the Note5 I've seen to date. Gawds I love XDA! Okay...this would be a fun conference but with 2 tickets costing nearly $6k the only way I'm going is if I win tickets. I'm a geek but a poor one.

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Added photos to Abstract Autumn Photography Contest.

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A very fine circle this is :)

Active photographer profiles of all levels: hobby, amateur and professional. The quality of a circle is more important than the quantity of people in it. These photographers are active by posting their own photography, commenting on photos and other posts, interacting and represent therefore quality and that's what you should have in your circles. It consists of profiles only (a circle with pages will follow later).

TO STAY IN THIS CIRCLE (and future editions)
1. keep up your activity
2. reshare this circle publicly 

1. you must be a photographer (hobby, amateur or professional)
2. post your own photos
3. comment on photos and posts
4. reshare this circle publicly

It's of course up to you to ADD THIS CIRCLE - I recommend it !!
In case you have trouble adding just wait a while and try again.

Allow me a personal statement about #circlesharing  :
Especially newbies are tricked into adding all kind of circles. Most of the time these circles are full of worthless pages and profiles. Social media is often misused by "snowballers" and "followerhunters". In Switzerland we have a saying about this kind of people: "They have a big mouth but no teeth" - in other words: they promise you everything and keep almost nothing. You don't need people in your circles with lot's of followers who will never add you back or interact with you in any way unless they are important for you as a person or what they do or stand for. I have been a professional photographer for many years and this circle is about photography only. It is not about "best" or "top" or "super" or ...  It is about quality only.

#circle   #circlesharing   #photography   #photographycircle   #quality   #active  
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