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Happy #NationalDrinkWineDay ! (We had no idea this holiday existed, but are going to celebrate the HELL out of it!)
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These 53 summer activities are fun for the whole family (and frugal too!) with ideas for playing outside, cooking inside and exploring.

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700 Recommendations On Missing Native Women Mostly Ignored: Study -
A new study says the federal government is ignoring dozens of recommendations on how to reduce the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women.The study, which analyzed 58 others on violence again

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Now that's what you call a giant ball pool.
Dumping millions of balls into a reservoir is part of the state's latest effort to tackle its long-running drought
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"1 In 3 Native Girls Is Raped. This Could Be A Solution" -
American Indians are 2.5 times more likely to experience sexual assault than any other race in the U.S.

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Lupus-related pain is common, but there are medical and non-medical treatments that can help relieve your pain. If you've been diagnosed with lupus, you will probably have to cope with lupus-relate...

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by:June Silny It’s a fact; a person with ADD is hard to love. You never know what to say. It’s like walking through a minefield. You tiptoe around; unsure which step (or word) will be the one that ...

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The annual #Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak this evening -- UK time. You may be able to see as many as 100 shooting stars every hour. Here are some photos from around the country sent to the BBC, of the shower so far.
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" The Yellowstone National Park, United States."

The Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone National Park) is located in the United States and more specifically in the extreme north-western state of Wyoming and borders, for a short distance, in the states of Montana and Idaho, occupying wide Rocky Mountain area. It is the core Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact temperate zone ecosystems remaining on Earth. Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world (it was founded in 1872), the largest nature reserve in the United States and since 1978, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

#amazingplacestosee   #nature   #nationalparks  
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