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Owenga can
be found on the legends of Guinea, a North African country.  These are the spirits of the dead magicians
or people who practice black magic that returned from the living to continue
their life of sin and torment those that are still living.  The ...

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Operation: Resurrection
Resurrection is one of the secret projects of the CIA in hopes of reanimating
the dead.   The tests were conducted with
a number of apes, those who had been proven useful would continue to the next
stage, those who will not, would end up dead. It ...

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Monclova Monster
Most of the residents of Colonia Chinameca were baffled on the incident
that was reported by two children.  The
two children claimed that they saw a creature that walks on his four legs but
can also walk using his hind legs. The children saw the creature in...

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Shunamism which is sometime referred to as Shunamatism is said to be an
ancient form of psychic vampirism.   A
practice that can be traced back to biblical ages particularly those accounts
associated to King David.   The method is
said to heal the ill and a...

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Steven Craig Hurd
Steven Craig Hurd is a devil worshiper who was convicted for the murder
of two individuals.  He died inside the
prison on the 28 th of May, 2005. Hurd had established a group of devil worshippers when he was just 20
years old.  He was able to recruit 3

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Drinking Deities
Buddhist in Tibet believed that after a person died, his soul would
wander into a place that is dominated by the law of karma. People will be judge
according to the things that they’ve done in the past.  The thing contained inside ones heart will be
judges ...

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He Needed to Eat
Sergey Gavrilov was arrested upon being suspected of stealing a mobile
phone, but the police discovered a more gruesome crime that he committed.  The body of her mom was discovered with both
of her legs missing. Gavrilov is spending much of his money on vod...

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Kanima are depicted by the South American culture as a human
transforming into a jaguar.  It is not
designed to torment the innocent people rather it murders the people who has
committed a terrible crime.  But the pop
culture has given them a new face, as t...

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The Happy Vampire
Catacano is
a vampire that laughs for no reason at all. It is also known for its toxic
blood.  He usually grins at people
showing his pearly white teeth and randomly spits blood to his victim.  The victim will suffer burns and other
effects of toxins.  They...

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Boundas are
creatures found in folklores of Africa, they are were-hyenas.   In most Tanszanian and Moroccan legend,
bounda is man who lives in a tribe and works as a wood cutter and a blacksmith
and has the ability to shape shift in the form of a wild anima...
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