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Anyone using the latest build on Angler? I tried it over the weekend and I was getting force closures during the set up and it was too slow to really do anything once it was booted. I was on a time crunch ended up flashing something else but didn't know if anyone else had experienced any issues? 

Does anyone know of a dark or black theme for Outlook? 

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Tried the latest build for Shamu. 12-08-16 and LTE is not working it was going between HSPA+ and 4G. Other Roms show as LTE in the same spot.

Anyone having issues with notifications ? I've tried 5 different Roms today and Everytime I respond to an SMS regardless of the app the notification does not clear it shows my history in the notification. Convinced something on my storage was messing this up I wiped internal storage and reflashed everything.. still having the same issue. 

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Angler 12-05 build, can't get past set up screen 
Tried both opengapps from 11-25 and 12-04 with no luck. 
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I would love to have the ability to swipe left to right to get back to the conversation list. 

Anyone with a 6p get the recent update 6.0.1 and have service decrease?? I use to get full LTE at work and home.. I now get 50% HSPA+...

What in your opinion is the best phone that fully supports T-Mobile's LTE bands and cost under $300?

Looking for something like the Asus Zenphone 2. Between 5 - 5.5 inch screen.

For my father who has a nexus 5 and it recently stopped reading the sim card and no avail after new sim and factory reset. 
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