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Here's some license plates I'd like to see: 
"Divorce the Government"
"End Tyrannical Welfare"
"Debt Enslaves America"
"Big Government Kills Liberty"
"Choose A Debt-free America"
"Create Life Responsibly"
"The Unborn Are Not Disposable"
"Leave No Unborn Behind"
"Carry the Unborn Off the Battlefield"
"Remove Choice, Mechanize Gestation"
"Women Failed, Mechanize Gestation"
"People for the Ethical Treatment of the Unborn"
"Unborn Equal Rights Amendment"
"Save the Earth, Plant a Human"
"Do Unto the Unborn..."
"Make More American Babies"
"Save the Humans"
"Save a life, Water-board"
"Relearn English, Unlearn Profanity"
"Profanity, the War Against Civility"
"It Takes Two to Make a Human"
"Traditional Marriage is Scientific"
"Traditional Marriage Works"
"All Our Enemies Love SSM"
"SSM, the Road to Extinction"
"Liberalism, the Road to Extinction"
"Jon Stewart, the Road to Extinction"
"Jon Stewart Is Not A God"
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