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Aaron Terry
Web Application Developer, Systems Admin juggler/hoop jumper.
Web Application Developer, Systems Admin juggler/hoop jumper.


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Seasoned everything last night and been up since 3am working the pit.
Sunrise at the peak of the Haleakala Volcano
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Just when I thought I has missed out on getting a 16GB Nexus 4 ... I hit refresh on the page again and they were listed as being in stock.

It took a number of refreshes/clicks to successfully get it in my cart. Then it took a number of click attempts to for it to let me check out.

This was a good 45 mins after they were declared sold out. So if you are looking for one ... try, try again.

Details for those trying to get one:

Step 1:
Go into Google Play and make sure that your credit card info and shipping address is up to date. This will let you have a speedy checkout process once you've nabbed your Nexus Device.

Step 2:
To see if they have one ... go to the Nexus 4 product page for the model you want. If it says "Coming soon" ... keep refreshing the page every couple of seconds. If you see it going back and forth between coming soon and "In stock" .... then the game begins. Whenever you see In stock ... click that button. If you then see that you have the product in your cart, proceed to step 3. If you don't hit the back button and refresh the page until you see "In stock" again.

Step 3:
Looks like the Google Play store programmers wrote it so that it checks inventory before putting it into the cart ... and then when attempting to checkout it checks inventory again. Tip: once you have it IN your cart, do not refresh the page ... looks like that triggers an inventory check on everything in your cart, removing items that are out of inventory. If you refresh, you'll ikely have to go back to step 2. Just keep clicking the checkout button until it brings up the checkout process greybox.

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I REALLY do want a Nexus phone .... mostly for the near instant Android updates.

But is it worth switching to AT&T or T-Mobile? I've just heard horrible things about AT&T coverage and dropped calls in Austin .... and although I had T-Mobile from 2001-2004, I really don't know much about them at this point (other than the recent merger/acquisition stuff)

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Any of you coding/sql rockstars looking to make a move?

We're expanding our core team and I'm interviewing developers for this new slot. Our team builds our CMS, Association Management System, and Distance Learning Platform that powers all of our clients websites. Looking for another high-performance developer who likes solving the hard problems.

This is for a full-time position onsite in Austin, TX.

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After a couple months of my makeshift standing desk, I finally have a real setup ... shoutout to
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Nothing like some surprise RTMP debugging with Wireshark to get the day started ...

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Now this is pretty funny ... who needs to double check coordinates ...

It's amazing how big a difference accidentally typing a '>' instead of a '<' makes in a date based condition in a SQL where clause.

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Just posted a full-time, onsite (Austin, TX) position for a Senior Coldfusion Developer. Are you (or someone you know) a CF and SQL Server Expert who likes to architect and code challenging projects? If so, give the position a look or pass it along.

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Check out my makeshift attempt a standing desk .... today is the first day. If this proof on concept holds up, then I'll lobby for the real thing.
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