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Wants to join some good humanitarian organization.

Thank God its finally a weekend today. This week was so long and completely useless. Now I want to get some new wardrobe. Is it a new week agenda? Sadly no.

OMG I want to run away and climb the Himalayas instead!

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I never did this as a student, but I see a lot of it happening now that I teach. And no matter how smartly the students put up with the act, the amusement in their eyes never misses from the teacher!

There shouldn't be any ifs and buts in life. Do what you want to do, be what you want to be. Simple ~ lesson I have to teach myself daily!

Has anyone noticed there is no wall on Google+??!!

And the city burns again today.

is all geared up for the class today!

Sometimes colleagues should realise that one needs a personal space and especially during breaks.

One good and equally worrisome feature of Google+ plus is that it allows you to follow people without being or making friends with them (and hence no emotional bullying from them). This will help keeping a formal network of like-minded people around without getting too personal. On the other hand however, sometimes it seems a bit creepy when people out of nowhere start following you and can also leave a comment on and easily stroll in your homepage.
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