When the hugs and the kisses are sins, and why?

Of the time I heard from some that kisses or hugs are not sinful. Inherently many things are not sins, but generally they are, because it is also the thought what counts. I wrote ALSO because God is angry also for involuntary sins which I mentioned in other articles.
For example, when we kiss or hug someone of the opposite sex, our minds develop lustful thoughts. Concupiscence is obviously sin (1 John 2:16). Although the two are not touched at all, in their mind they may have developed carnal thoughts. It's wrong if the two get out together if the purpose is to satisfy some sexual fantasy, that is to be in the company of someone of the opposite sex. The fact that these two people are dating implies that in their mind have some thought of attraction each other. Although the main reason why they started dating is not sinful, there is always that part of us which desire that other person at the level to satisfy the flesh. It is human nature, and regarding this there is no escape. God permits the satisfaction of the flesh in any way only to married people (1 Corinthians 7:2; 1 Corinthians 7:9; 1 Corinthians 6:18).
To answer to some people who do not give a good account of a thing I say also: the hug or the kiss on the cheek between persons invited, for example, in a marriage, can always be a sin if you inside the mind has developed some lustful thought. Everything which develops lust in the mind is a sin, everything is EVERYTHING, nothing is excluded, even if we have only thought it.
Example: if we massage our foot because we have a trauma, and the purpose of massaging it is just to cure him, it is obviously not a sin, but if in addition to that reason we massage it because doing that we experience pleasure having lustful thoughts, it's obviously a sin. If we eat something just to make your body healthy to serve God better, it is obviously not sin, but if we do it because we are controlled by the vice of eating, it's a sin because gluttony is something that has always been repulsive to God, and all of us realize it (Proverbs 23:20-21). I made these examples to show that, apart from the involuntary sins, what matters to determine if something is a sin are the thoughts.
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