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Name: Souma Rei (Surname, First Name)
Age: 16
City: Tokyo
Position you play: Manager
Grade: Freshman at Touou
Attitude: Dull (not very bubbly) and introverted so she does not go out or talk unless it is something related to running or basketball. She also restrains herself well from getting taunted by other people who try to flirt or bother her in some way. She is always quite careless when she speaks and in life (there is no one day where she does not get injured in some way because she never watches where she's going). Additionally, she is very jittery around boys and does not know how to interact with them since she has attended an all-girls' school since she moved to Norway after Kindergarten. Despite all of this, she is very supportive and motivating when it comes to sports (she is very talkative when it comes to people going to her for advice about sports).
History: She moved to Norway after Kindergarten. During her boring years there she joined both the track and basketball teams and is very good at both sports. If she still plays basketball then she will be the small forward. However, after an incident during a basketball game in which she broke an ankle, she decided to stop playing. When she joined Touou (her parents forced her to join because they want her to get used to interacting with men) she still couldn't abandon basketball so she decided to join Touou as a second manager.

In my photo she doesn't look as flashy. Her hair is straight and reaches to her waist. She is also 180 centimeters tall and has the same size as Momoi Satsuki.

Is this RP still active?

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Name~ Shirley Grass
Age~ 17
Gender~ Female
Height~ 173 centimeters tall.
Race~ Human
Ethnicity~ Serbian-British
Card~ Diamond
Weapons~ Saber (called Grashton)
Magical Ability~ Whatever her Saber cuts through she can see everything about their past and future. However, she cannot use this ability any time she wants or else she will die. The only time she can use it is when someone burns her.
Likes~ The smell of metal (it calms her down), fencing, and going to hot springs.
Dislikes~ Red, summer, and science.
Personality~ Hot-headed, patient, stubborn, easy-going, merciless, and caring.
Bio~ Her parents are both British but she is born and raised in Serbia. From a young age, her father sent her to a fencing school. Surprisingly, to her teachers, she could use a saber very well. As she grew up, her life was amid fencing, school, and family. When she became sixteen years old, her parents took her back to Britain and introduced her to Deck Agency. Since then, she became a diamond and inherited Grashton.

I haven't roleplayed in a very long time so I'm not sure if I improved or not. Anyway, aside from my absence I have been very interested in Ancient Chinese novels lately so I decided to RP about it for a while (does this statement even make sense? LOL). If there is anyone that shares the sane interest as me they can take part in this. My grammar isn't good so please excuse my mistakes. You don't have to be very descriptive either but write at least 2-3 lines.

The soft snow silently falls down on a clear but gray day. There is no sun available to shine on the busy city and the clouds are all hiding. A young lady with silky black hair brings a bamboo flute to her lips. She blows air into the instrument made of nature and beautiful sound fills the quiet air. Her fingers tap on each hole gracefully and anybody who passes by the balcony she's standing on stops to listen for a while before going back to their businesses. In a distance there is a young man walking slowly down the white path. His hair flies along with the wind and his back is straight. The seriously displays on his face and every female stops just to gaze at his beauty. When he stops by the balcony he stands still and listens intently. Suddenly, the song stops and disappointment fills the man and he...

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Christmas Roleplay Contest

Character Submission~

Name: Liu Yi Fan (before she left her life as a general's 'son'), Yin Qing Zhao (her life as a dancer and concubine)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Human
Life Story: Born as a daughter of a general. Her mother died after giving birth to her and her father has never been the same anymore. Her father raised her as if she was a boy. She was trained in martial arts and specialized in archery. She has been on the battlefield many times in her youth, until her father died in honor against a rebel. She left behind her life as a boy and started fresh as a member of a dance crew that often performed for nobles. Despite the fact that dancers were often looked down upon, she enjoyed that carefree life. However, when she was ordered to become a concubine of a noble, she couldn't refuse and begrudgingly agreed, to prevent the destruction of her dance crew. Her personality when she was pretending to be a boy came back so she used it to make herself less attractive to the noble, but it only failed as he became even more interested in her. Their romance developed overtime when she started to realize that if she doesn't help him get rid of the crown prince then she would also suffer. With her wittiness she helped him and the prince he supported. Their flourishing love didn't end well as conflicts within the imperial family caused her husband's death. When she died after successfully putting the prince she helped up to the emperor's throne, all she wished was to see her lover again.
Current Life: What she didn't expect was for her to reincarnate into a woman born in the 21st century. With her former life's memories still intact, she missed her spouse very much. On one Christmas night, her wish came true and she found herself back in the Tang Dynasty.


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If any of you like wuxia or read wattpad I beg of you to go on wattpad and type in "Hua Guo Lian". I would really like some feed backs (please no rude comments, I am fine with constructive criticism)!
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