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Organ hunters go into Black and Hispanic areas, hunt and shoot for fun. Whites gripe about crime. Where's YOUR next organ coming from?
And... it's OUR DNC! I want my party back and I want the creeps who took over run out of there!
In an article posted to the New York Daily News, Activist and writer Shaun King made a startling revelation which could change the way we view the entire Democratic primary race. Since the tide has turned in the direction of Hillary Clinton, the candidate has put much emphasis on her apparent lead in the popular vote.
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A Xenonlit foodie artice! Hope you enjoy it. It's about cooking your own food. You will feel better.... about cooking and food.

Cook your own food. You will feel better. Choose your favorite dishes, find the fresh ingredients, and control what goes into you and yours!
Ros Wynne Jones uncovers the poverty scandal of a cleaner, a chef and bricklayer whose hard work is not enough to get them a roof over their heads
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Why "Feminism" is losing its luster: The real battle for Women's rights
The situation of this world is so dire, we cannot afford the luxury of academic, elitist concepts and labels like "Feminism." Today, we must focus on women's rights, which are human rights that apply specifically to women. If we do not, we will all just hav...
Brain dead Black and HIspanic kids: American hospital do gross negligence, then says they're brain dead. Latest one gets out of American hospitals. New hospital says child not brin dead.

And where's your kid's next organ coming from?
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I'm not sure things would go as we hope. I remember a debate quite a few years ago between Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now!) and a right-wing shit bag radio host (can't remember his name). Can't recall who the moderator was, if there even was one, it might actually have been an interview, but she got trashed. I support most of her positions, and where I disagree with her, that's because she's not far left enough, but you can't have a rational discussion with someone whose deep belief in his own ideology and intimate conviction that he his right allows him to lie. Revealing those lies after the fact don't change the bad impression left during the debate.
On a similar note, the debate between Ken Hammond and Bill Nye comes to mind. I don't think anyone changed their views based on that debate. 
Smh. We are just supposed to sit quietly while the establishment...
The head of the Democratic Party on Tuesday denounced the violence and incivility that marred this past weekend's party gathering in Nevada and called on leaders to reject such actions.
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WTF? Does he get parental rights in that state? This kind of corruption has to be shut down now or it will get worse for all of us.
In a shocking plea deal, an Alabama state trooper accused of raping a woman who called for help after a car accident gets only 6 months in the slammer.
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Sheesh! Hillary already has a huge lead, regardless of how we vote! Delegates can simply ignore us and vote for her. It's going to be hell on Democrats this year if that happens. "Superdelegates" What a crock. No voters will vote... that's the reality.
Thanks to the way Democrats pick their nominees — and despite her whopping 20-plus-point loss to Bernie Sanders — Clinton looks like she could wind up with the most delegates out of New Hampshire.
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