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I'm done with the hypocritical injustice. Even Obama can't hold his nose in the air over this.
Then I'm a math genius!
How can Michigan let a governor stay in office after he poisoned people with depraved indifference and STILL has no immediate plans to do a damned thing. Where is our federal govt? 
And vote state and local too!
GOP: Positively Darwinian
De-Evolution of the G.O.P.

This image is spot on. I have seen a few similar with less presidents, but the completeness of this line-up and the progressive de-evolution of the graphic style from amazing historical figures to today's "candidate" captures the once grand old party perfectly.

Thanks +Kari Tedrick​ for pointing me to this!

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This says it all, if you still pay attention to their crap.
Part II of my blog series on binge TV watching: How it reveals political, gender, racial, and other subtexts we normally miss.
How Binge Watching Reveals Subtexts About Women
Chinese Chicken Feet  This is part II of a whatever-part blog. It is about subtexts that show up when we binge watch older television shows through streaming and on-demand services. Some of the subtexts are wrong, pervasive, and need to go. Others are overt...
I think the term "liberal" and "conservative" are past their sell-by date. We need better terms to describe us. I can think of some hilarious ones, but what do you think? 
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