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Two great blogs on the meld in the last couple of days. This one was all kinds of familiar.

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Iain Bartholomew commented on a post on Blogger.
This is probably the best blog post that I've read this year and for a long time prior to that as well. Really nicely done.

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I've finally managed to finish my Linklove retrospective. If you need additional incentive to read this, I also use the word 'obsequiousness' in context.

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Well said. I could not agree more.
Fighting your way back from a Google penalty (and a rant)
Last week +Max Minzer had one of the best #maximpact I've been to. +John Doherty was the featured guest who discussed and answered questions about what exactly penalties are and how to handle them. +Pedro Dias, +Andre Weyher, and +AJ Kohn also provided valuable insight and feedback from their experience in the trenches of search.  If you get a chance, I'd highly recommend watching the video:

Yesterday +Iain Bartholomew wrote a post that recapped some key takeaways of the hangout. Read that here:

In Iain's post, he talks about how extensive efforts are made to help a website recover from a penalty, and, that in the end, it might be better just to scrap the whole domain and start over. This message really needs to be more prevalent in our discussions on this subject. Or perhaps it's a case of too little, too late.

And the rant...
I get that some of these companies who are experiencing penalties are just misinformed or using poor SEO companies who employ outdated practices (which is really unfortunate). I also get that there will always be companies that don't care. In other words, they will do whatever it takes to get rankings and won't think twice about how this is just too easy.

What is it about the misconception that building your business online must be easy because it's digital? That there must be a quick and easy way to do this because you can use social media and SEO and that if you get your business in front of millions of people you will be a success? I'm just wondering when these companies will understand that in order to build relationships, community, value, a brand, revenue, that extensive work is required? That's how it works in person; in the real world. Why would that be different online? Quit gaming the system and build a real business.


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I wrote this to highlight the 'other' option when faced with a Penguin-damaged site.

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If you haven't read this yet it is important that you do so now. Please.

I've been playing with Google's tag manager this week and wondering: does the analytics tag exist on my site if nobody visits to fire it?

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This is well worth a watch if you missed it. Great insight from some smart, knowledgable guys. Also I'm there. No insight from me!

SEO Penalties discussion with +John Doherty

Also had insights from ex-Googlers and former members of web spam team +Andre Weyher and +Pedro Dias.

Special thank you to everyone who attended: +AJ Kohn, +Mackenzie Fogelson, +Al Remetch, +Lauren Hall-Stigerts, +Steve Webb, +Iain Bartholomew.
And thank you to everyone who watched, shared and contributed!

Learn more about #maximpact :

#dailyseo   (#070)

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Come along, room for many more!
Very hot and controvercial topic this week - SEO Penalties.

I have my friend +John Doherty from NYC +Distilled and we'll be here to discuss invincibility, "injustice," recovery from search penalties. We'll address all your questions, concerns and will try to relate to your experiences.

Questions you'd like to see asked? Leave a comment below.
I prefer event page but feel free to use  #maximpact hashtag anywhere on Google+ and Twitter to interact with us before, during (live) and after the event.

Learn more about #maximpact series here:

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Chris is at it again, another top post with actual examples. All too rare.
It's guest post time! If you feel like your Social Media strategy needs to be improved then these five examples should give you some excellent inspiration.
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