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Friendly but may not want to be your friend
Friendly but may not want to be your friend
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"Family", "Marriage" and Heterocentrism
As always, I get quite irritated at the use of "family" and "marriage" rhetoric to discriminate against people who do not identify as cisgendered or heterosexual. There are 2 commonly used statements that deserve attention and scrutiny. 1 "Gay marriage and ...

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Tweaking mindsets before tweaking "family" policies
In his maiden major  speech  as Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), Tan Chuan-Jin talked about the declining trend of nuclear families in Singapore, and how policies can be more inclusive to non-nuclear family structures. It would appear the g...

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A look at Dick Lee's Our Singapore
Our Singapore . And we have yet another National Day celebration theme song recently released. It's written by Dick Lee, known for writing  that  song, Home . Singaporeans are a hard bunch to please, looking at the spectrum of comments aimed at the song. To...

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IKEA’s magic show decision opposes its stand on diversity
(Published -  Today  Apr 23, 2015) I read with concern the reports on IKEA Singapore’s decision to continue its tie-up with a magic show performed by Pastor Lawrence Khong. I believe IKEA’s explanation that it respects diversity, equality and the right to o...

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Family, values and lifestyle
There have been quite
a lot of opinions aired on IKEA Singapore’s decision to continue its tie-up
with a magic show headlined by Pastor Lawrence Khong. Some folks feel it is
no big deal because, after all, it is just some harmless (and a very

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Playing the piano at the hospice
I guess without the habit of practice, some things tend to fade away. As I looked into the repository of draft blog entries in my Blogger, I felt disgusted at their quality and analytical limitations. The sharpness is lost, so they're deleted. Or perhaps th...

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Chord variations
I have only in the last two to three years started paying attention to the technique of "jazzing" up chords. As an amateur songwriter, I was always oriented towards the British influenced blues-tinted guitar-driven rock for a good 8 years before accommodati...

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Gift of Song/writing
Mediacorp’s songwriting competition
“The Gift of Song” is now in its voting stage. They’ve shortlisted 3 songs
written for Singapore’s 50th year of independence. Since they’re “competition” songs, I
thought it’ll be interesting to give them a listen, and pr...

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Cross-site scripting, hacking and unauthorised access to server: Not the same
I read the news about one man who was fined $8,000 for "hacking" into the Istana website . The report read: Delson Moo Hiang Kng, 43, pleaded guilty to a charge of unauthorised access to the server hosting the Istana website , after admitting to carrying ou...
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