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Whitney Rowlett
Using both halves of my brain!
Using both halves of my brain!

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Guess what? I'm announcing again! You should all come see!

Happy New Year everyone :) I hope that 2012 is kinder to you all than 2011.


The first flakes of snow just fell and stuck to my eyelashes. I suppose I should go find my hat. Here's to months of hat head!

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This is fascinating. Brains are cool!

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Some beautiful music for your Wednesday morning...

Ennio Morricone - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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Well. I know what I am doing today.

I'm making beef, chicken and vegetable stock at the same time. The only thing that could make my house smell better is possibly baking a pie or bread.

Which is a good idea....

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I'm the exact opposite of this travel writer, but this article is hilarious. It's recommended reading for no other reason than this excerpt:

"And so with yards of strapping and considerable effort I secured all three bags to my body, front, rear and side, until I resembled a lopsided bomb-squad technician, or a human battering ram. The simple act of entering a train compartment was like giving birth to myself."

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Food porn. Seriously.

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