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commented on a video on YouTube.
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BTW, why the heck did they get rid of the marvelous first-season music for this show, and switch to this lousy alternative?  Dominic Frontiere's original stuff was so cool!

Hiawatha Bray

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Her'es me, on the NPR radio show, Big Picture Science, looking like Shemp and talking about navigation.  Enjoy!
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+Hiawatha Bray or Shirley Leung might be interested in working this up into a story for Boston Globe readers.

Verde Energy is a Connecticut-based energy trading company that seeks to enroll residential electric utility customers into designating them as the wholesale supplier for their residential electric service. Verde Energy is one of several such competing companies that call up prospective customers, seeking to switch them from their existing electric utility plan to an alternate plan through energy trading companies like Verde Energy. 

Last Friday, I received one such call (a live call, not a robocall), during which time I spoke to three customer service agents in Atlanta. The first one, Jeremy, could not answer my basic questions, so he handed me off to his supervisor, Kim, who similarly could not answer my questions. 

Finally, I spoke to the Enrollment Manager, Andrew Houck, who told me no one had ever asked the kind of questions I had posed to him. And then he sent me an E-Mail brochure.

In the link below you will find my response to Andrew Houck, along with his original solicitation message to me.

Understanding and Responding to Verde Energy
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Hiawatha Bray

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Scientific American didn't exactly review my book. But they've written about it, and I'm honored. 
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Got my copy!  When can I get it signed??
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Hiawatha Bray

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I'm on the air...or I will be at 7 ET this evening, talking about my new book You Are Here.  Tune in to Greater Boston on WGBH Channel 2!
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Hiawatha Bray

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I'm trying out Friends+Me, a social networking service that lets me post to multiple networks with a single message.  Not bad...
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Hiawatha Bray

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Hmmm...maybe this indoor navigation thing is NOT the wave of the future after all...
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Hiawatha Bray

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Here's a comforting thought....
The space-launch business shows just how difficult it is to make sense of sanctions aimed at Putin’s actions in Ukraine.
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Hiawatha Bray

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This is one of my favorite movie openings.  I just love that musical chord they play right at the beginning.  It seems so solemn and dignified.  Just beautiful.

Hiawatha Bray

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Love it!
This chart has given me new motivation!
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Hiawatha Bray

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We had only a few minutes, so I could just barely give the flavor of the I guess you'll just have to buy it!
How long has it been since you got lost or used a paper map? In today’s world of Google Maps and GPS, we always know exactly where we are, and it’s pretty
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Hiawatha Bray

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Can you believe someone actually did this?  Marvelous, and nuts in equal measure.
"Eye of the tiger" played on a dot-matrix printer

Need cheering up? I think this will do the trick.
"Eye of the tiger" played on a modified dot matrix printer. MIDI file from unknown creator. More information here
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Hiawatha Bray

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+Hiawatha Bray, hi! Just bought your book after visiting your page here on G+ — after seeing you on TWiT with +Mike Elgan, my favorite tech analysis on the West Coast.
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