Dear Santa,
My name is Alexander and I'm writing to you from Home of 'Europe's last dictator'. Here, in Belarus, I live. Whole year I've been a really good boy, good child of my parents, intelligent student(not any more), worker and, I believe, a good husband. And I was good a year before... and before.... Whole my life I've been rather good person, hard working and aimed. But still, I cannot afford to buy a great product - PyCharm, my personal use. Python is my hobby and not the way I earn money. I like PyCharm, and I'm dreaming of it's licensed version. You see, Santa, hobby for a man is the only way to survive here, in Belarus. It helps a lot in avoiding bad mood and relaxing.
So dear Santa, please, give it a shot, let me use you software legally to admire and educate myself. This one license is a drop in the ocean.... and I promise that if I start commercial use of it, I'll buy it. It's definitely worth buying it!
Looking forward to hearing from you, Santa....
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