Amazing but true. The pentagon is well on its way to waste another trillion dollar on a plane that won't even dominate. Brian puts it well: stop this defense contractor welfare orgy.
On all metrics the plane is far more costly to develop, produce, and operate than the existing planes that still hold air superiority of other nations. I know that many tens of thousands of USA citizens are depending on the program to pay their bills, but is that really a valid excuse to continue it's development? After all, the free market isn't deciding here. It's not even the Air Force that's deciding.It's the corporations and politicians that are deciding to waste this kind of money. In any other industry this project would have been scrapped years ago. Just like the Super Conducting Super Collider in Waxahachie was Texas was axed for it's cost overruns that Republicans swore had no visible future benefit.

Reboot the system and develop a truly affordable plane. Stop military contractor welfare.
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