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In AAA, Episode 252, you were discussing apps to help you determine whether you were connected to Sprint or T-Mobile and the chat room seemed to recommend "Signal Spy".

I'd like to recommend FiSwitch ( I use the 4x1 widget and can see which network I'm connected to as well as buttons to change to the other network.

I recommend this app.

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I had an issue with the Ranger Military Watch Face (, so I reached out to the developer, Hans Koenig, in Germany.

Within minutes he responded with a fix.  +1 to Android developers like this.

I'm "old" to D&D but "new" to 5th Edition.

There are 6 game stores in the area near me that offer Adventurer's League game so that I can learn the rules properly.

Any suggestions on what to ask as I visit a store?  Style of play?  Experience of DM?

Thank you, in advance.

I ordered a Moto 360 2nd Gen back on September 3rd.  I immediately got a confirmation message with a shipping date of September 29th.  On September 17th, I got another message from Motorola saying "We're assembling it!".

Last Friday, on September 26th, I got a message with the Subject: "Sorry We're Late." which was funny because, technically, they weren't late yet.  The body of the message was 

"I am very sorry we're late delivering your customized Motorola device. We experienced technical difficulties with our ordering and shipping system. We are working hard to get your device to you as soon as possible, and we will send you an updated estimated shipping date as soon as we can."

I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow.  Are they preparing to tell me that they won't ship tomorrow?

Has anyone experience this with Motorola?

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In which I cover Faerun, Forgotten Realms, the Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil series.

What is the "normal" culture for today's D&D players?

I played D&D back in college when we had the Men & Magic, Monsters & Treasure, and Underworld... books.  Then Greyhawk came out, then Blackmoor, and ...  We supplemented rules from The Arduin Grimoire and from articles in Alarums & Excursions.  But then I got married and stopped playing...

I've watched D&D 4, D&D Next, and now D&D 5 come out.

Does today's "normal" (and I used that word hesitantly) follow a web page on Wizards on the Coast or ... and you're all playing through the same game at the same time?  [If this is the case, I envy you a bit.]

How do you handle moving from the version of the rule system you're comfortable with to the new one?

Thank you, in advance.

Anyone else run in the problem with the new version (3.8) of Delayed Lock (from +J4velin-developmentDe) that's enabled the PIN code to unlock your device.  However, if you don't have a PIN defined, its VERY hard to unlock your phone.

I lost the use of my phone on Saturday for the entire day and it looks like Monday's going to be a repeat.  I was able to unlock it yesterday morning with "1111" but that doesn't work today.

I've contacted the developer but they've probably already gone home for the day (since they're in Germany).


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