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Miss Renee
"Only a sinner, saved by grace..."
"Only a sinner, saved by grace..."

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Before Our Baby...
...Our lives were much different. We had freedom to travel. We enjoyed restaurant cuisine more frequently. We were able to focus more on other things, like:  the house, the car, and entertainment. We did what we wanted to do, pretty much as the mood suited ...

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2017 January Day Book
For Today Looking Out My Window:   ...Is the start of dusk.   I Am Thinking: ...Of how blessed I am to know the Living God! I Am Thankful: ...That through Christ, I am forever blessed ! One Of My Favorite Things:   ...Is moving forward with the Lord. I Am C...

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2016: A Year In Review
Another year about to end.  Another year about to begin.  The continuous push forward .      Indeed, I definitely get the sense of moving forward this year.  Perhaps it is due to being a mother, who is constantly chasing after a lively li'l one.  Perhaps it...

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2016 December Day Book
For Today Looking Out My Window:   ...Is the still quietness of an early evening. I Am Thinking: ...That I need to conquer this battle within me. I Am Thankful: ...That through Christ, I can overcome! One Of My Favorite Things: ...Is observing my li'l famil...

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Free Winter 2016-'17 Homemaker's Binder Printables!
     I am so pleased to announce that I finally have some freebies to give to you!  I have been wanting to consolidate my household information, seeking to be more efficient.  I know that I am not the only one who has that desire.      I have tried making a...

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How Do You Identify Yourself?
     Who are you?  Are you just the sum of your experiences?  Or, are your experiences just part of what makes you, you ?      I find myself contemplating those questions often.  I realize that I am ever-changing.  As I understand what it is the Lord desire...

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Printable Sneak Peek!
Hello, sisters in Christ!  I am very excited to share with you a bit of news from over here!        Thanks to my darling husband, I have been able to focus some time on creating some pages for a homemaker's binder, again!  If it were not for him keeping an ...

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2016 November Day Book
For Today Looking Out My Window: I can still see the lush foliage, deceptively spring-like during the autumn day. I Am Thinking: ...Of how blessed I am to have my compassionate husband. I Am Thankful: ...That God walks me through each step of my journey. On...

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A Quick "Hello!"
     I thought it would be nice to quickly come on here and say "Hello!"  I know I have been quiet over here, for a little while, (though, I am still active on my Facebook page...So, if you would like to stay in touch, please come say "Hello!" yourself!).  ...

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     As with all things, changes occur.  Over here in my li'l spot of the world, change has met up with us.  Change is not a bad thing, in and of itself.      That being said, for some time I have contemplated changing things around in my life, pertaining t...
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