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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
The Noctua came in and I put some pwm fans in the case. MUCH quieter now. The biggest change was the psu fan. I had to take the psu apart to try and figure out what was rattling. After not tons of luck a little WD-40 down the drive shaft of the fan helped a ton.
So now it doesnt sound like a jet fixing to take off from the desk.
I also tried to tidy up the cables a bit. 
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Good move with pwm case fans. And Noctua are about the best air coolers you can buy.
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
Should this even be legal? I wrote up a batch file to see how fast this thing would open multiple apps at once. It did well would be an understatement. All of the Office suite and Google Chrome. 
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+Christopher Burress Yeah, I hadn't seen your other posts before I made that comment. It's pretty funny that I was spot on though.
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
Well I had absolutely no idea these things were this small. Got all the parts in today except for the case and cpu cooler. 
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+Christopher Burress Yes, but some will not work like my HyperX Predator M.2 SSD on a PCIE x4 will not work with the 950 Pro so I put it in the actual M.2 slot on my motherboard cause I get more speed with the Predator on the actual M.2 slot than on its adapter to go on a PCIE lane, and I want to use both of them and now I'm stuck with a 950 Pro in the M.2 slot and the Predator on the adapter.
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
And the parts are rolling in. Hopefully the rest will show up this week. 
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Got my white AR build out for a maiden voyage. This is a 3 shot group at 300 yards on a 6" steel target with a 3x scope. Ammo was loaded with Hornady 75gr match bullets and Varget powder. 
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+Chris condict​ it's about 5 inches thick, I'm planning on shooting it until we wear it out lol. Gonna need some armor piercing rounds if I want a make any good progress. 
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
It's (almost) complete! The monitor and case came in yesterday. The monitor is gigantic. The case is tiny.
I'm still waiting on the cpu cooler than seems to be stuck in infinite shipping.

So far everything runs great. POST takes a little longer with 9 different peripherals plugged in but still boots in sub 30 sec territory. I put her old hdd (not in pics) in this new pc so she can move things in as she sees fit, she wanted a clean slate to start with.
The monitor looks really good, and also sounds really good, The HP 34C is not a bad choice.

While running the cables underneath and behind her desk we found no less than 5 old cables that were not plugged into anything on either end lol.

The cable management in that case is a joke, it's literally "where it falls, it goes". Other than that the case itself was really nice, I couldn't find anything to complain about as far as the build quality.
The case fans were super loud and only 3 pin and they ended up revving to full speed whenever it was on. I ordered some pwm fans to replace them.
Also the power supply fan made a lot of noise. But I saw somewhere that a couple drops of WD-40 can quiet it down pretty well, so I'm going to give that a shot soon. 
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Your monitor has ears
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
Because who doesn't love benchmarks. I know this is NOT what this build was for, but I still wanted to see how it did.

The conclusion is pretty much that if you wanted to game on Intel's HD 530 graphics you're looking at 720p and medium/low settings.

I also ran it on 1440p maxed out and it got a solid 2 fps.

Here are the two presets for this benchmark. 
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Lol "solid 2 FPS"
Yeah, it's at least now better than an 8800 GT, which is impressive. 
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
I couldn't help myself. Hooked the motherboard up to a psu, put the stock cooler on and plugged the power switch from my pc into it to turn it on. Windows took less than 10 min to install from usb 3.0. I'm ready for the case! Working on drivers now. 
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I'm still a hard drive peasant... :'(

But, I am getting an SSD boot drive soon.
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
Took me long enough....

So over the past months I have dabbled around trying my hand at over-clocking my system. It was over clocked when I got it but due to some issues with Windows and being quite finicky in general I decided to take everything back to zero. Reset the mobo and reinstall windows from scratch.
It has run brilliantly since, however being me I don't want to have the ability to go faster but not actually go faster.
So i tried to make it go faster. I visited forums and read up on my motherboard cpu combo and thought I had a pretty good handle on it.
Booted into the bios and changed the numbers like how I read and restarted. No luck, stuck at the window logo.
I tried this several times with different settings, even got the Asus ez overclock program and tried it. Same result. Maybe I just wasn't cut out for this?
So I'm looking around online to try again today and I give it another go. Same thing again. Then I saw it, some guy said "oh just unplug your usb devices" on a forum. And it worked.
Why on earth does windows have these stupid quirks? A thumb drive is completely ruining the boot? How?

Anyways I'm gonna see where I can push the system now that it actually boots up.

Feel free to give me any over-clocking tips that you might have!

Asus rampage v extreme
Intel i7-5930k
G.skill ripjaw V ddr4 3000mhz 32gb
Corsair h105
1300w evga psu
EVGA 980ti sc+

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+Hank Hill​ understandable confusion. I was on the brink of buying all my own parts when I found that listing. I put all the parts (and extras) into pcpartpicker and it came out to about $4,900. So i talked my wife into letting me drop the 2600 lol. 
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
So I'm building a pc that needs to run an ultra wide monitor that's 3440x1440.
From what I can tell I'll need a card that supports 4k resolution to make up for the extra width.
Alot of the r7 370 cards I have looked at say the max digital resolution is 4k, but the max analog is 2048x1536 or 2560x1600.
So 1600p is right around 4 megapixels and the resolution I need to push is 5 megapixels. So a pretty significant difference.
My questions are:
1) Is display port analog or digital?
2) If it's analog am I screwed? would it max out the cards ability and have a weird stretched out image on an ultra wide monitor?
3) One card, the MSI R7 370 gaming, says the resolution is 4k. It doesn't specify anything about digital or analog. Would it be able to handle it, or have i missed something in the specs.
4) If the 370 wont work at all, what's the best graphics card that will meet the resolution requirements, and is less than $200?

Other info:
-not a gaming build, I just need something to run the monitor.
-itx form factor so the card need to be less than 10" long.
-Limited to a 500w psu, I don't think this will matter but I have heard some amd cards use alot of juice.
-cooler and quiet is preferred this will be a desktop build, the case will be on the actual desk. 
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+Christopher Burress if you're not gaming, that iGPU would be fine. In all honesty the i7 itself seems a little overkill (I don't know what she'll be doing on her desktop though).

Edit: Ignore the above, what I have written has already been explained (I didn't look at the comments). Enjoy the build!
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Christopher Burress

Custom builds  - 
So my mom wants a curved screen computer. She was looking at this HP here:

And I wanted to get your thoughts on if it would be worth it to go with that one or shoot for a build like this?

Does anyone know if the HDD in the all in one is up-gradable? 
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Yeah after looking around and using the r7 370 recommendation it's just not that much to swallow. I'm gonna drop to 16gb of ram. And I'm looking at the EVGA hadron air mini itx case. It looks fine and spacious for what it is, but I'm concerned that the disk drive for it is out of stock everywhere. Not so much that I need a disk drive but what does that mean for the support of it? 
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Christopher Burress

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