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peter sikking
designs interaction for creatives + solutions with a wide impact on society
designs interaction for creatives + solutions with a wide impact on society

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that feeling when you finally get your ballot paper in the post and you can do your bit to stop the rise neo-nazism in the world

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a dud UI for OpenType features is released and the world’s #otfUI frustration went up a notch again:

I report a +XING spammer via the web interface.
result: I get a ‘your mail got bounced’ notification in my mail app

in cities, cars that move are the problem
(the ones that stand around are more a recycling problem)

hey #IoT makers, want to have your user interaction sorted out in shortest possible time (instead of endless-discussion pain)? ping me.

from designing the elementary to run breathtakingly smooth, to dealing with blows-your-brain complex systems, I have done it all—successfully

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wow, dude goes swimming in the alphabet soup of titles and amazingly I agree which the outcome—well, almost.

stirring the soup; I would
- call Visual designer a UX designer
- call UX designer an Interaction designer
(reflecting that UX has been equated by the visuals…)

I’m a #4, btw

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a non-hysterical, right-sized look at IA + chatbots; sobering nonetheless—

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‘what should be my next move in this design project?’
is the kind of question I answer over at office hours—

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PSA: if your—F/LOSS or not—sw project ‘suffers’ from entitled-user demands (yes, all 99.99% of you), then here is a handy, illustrated guide what is going on and how to handle it:

got it? then get in touch, I can help

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no I did not +Pinterest 
I know this is just #growthjerking, but it confuses me, hunting down how to undo your incompetence in web-dev
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