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peter sikking
designs interaction for creatives + solutions with a wide impact on society
designs interaction for creatives + solutions with a wide impact on society

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new playlist; moving on to the glam era of eurovision:

recording-studio pro-practices research day;
reading the latest tape-op magazine and David Pye’s ‘workmanship’

happy to see there’s football of consequence going on: euro’17 in holland

grading; so satisfying seeing my students pick up points for wanting to learn, making the class better, and tackling hairy design challenges

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aaand I just added a second eurovision playlist, covering the beat era:

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I have updated my chanson-era eurovision playlist (original performance videos, where possible). Of the 106 songs that competed at Eurovision in 1956–64, these are good. Actually, some of them are really cool.

thinking this all day yesterday (re: contempt culture & the bro-tech world): keeping all who are not a white-male-hetero-engineer out of the loop of making things, and improving the world, has been outrageously costly to this planet

now that marriage in germany has stopped being discrimination against LGBT, can it also stop discriminating against couples who are allergic to kitsch?

today it has been exactly one month without any football-of-consequence. looking forward to the first competitive game of next season…

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if you were moved by the ‘the wire’ tv series, then here is a real-life update:
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