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Mimika Cooney
Mimika Cooney is a TV Host, Marketing Strategist, award-winning Photographer, Author, Speaker.
Mimika Cooney is a TV Host, Marketing Strategist, award-winning Photographer, Author, Speaker.

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An honest look at balancing life, family & entrepreneurship. I'm so thrilled my 1st article on +The Good Men Project published today #happydance

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So thrilled to see my interview with Keith Keller​ from last night is already up! Wowza you work fast darling! If you're wondering about video, you're going to love this one we talk about the why and how to pick a platform that works for you.

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New website updates work with me. I'll help you with your branding strategy, marketing automation and video marketing projects.

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Are you looking for a way to earn passive income online? In this episode I interview veteran entrepreneur, +Mimika Cooney​. Mimika shares advice on how you can create various products that gives value to your audience and helps you earn passive income! You definitely want to check out this episode.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

1. The right strategy when creating information products
2. Various tools and resources that you can use to create your  
3. The pros and cons of building a membership site versus a
    one-time paid course
4. How to validate a product idea and sell it before you even build it
5. Why information products is a great source of income for your  
6. The right mindset you need to have as an entrepreneur when  
     creating products
7. How to automate your business so that you can call sell
    products around the clock
#podcast #passiveincome #marketing #business #entrepreneur  

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Love this thanks for sharing!
Come mid April Google is making a HUGE change to its algorithm. It will be penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly (aka, responsive) and improving rankings of sites which are.

Fortunately both the Photocrati Theme and NextGEN Gallery are responsive.

To check if your site is responsive, go to

To learn how to enable Photocrati's responsive feature, go to &

As always, please contact our support team with any questions you may have!

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"If I roll with the sheep how will I stand out? If I'm doing what everyone is doing I'm no different." says Audrey.

Have you ever felt like you have to do what everyone else is doing just to survive? Are you feeling stuck blending in with the sheep and finding it hard to stand out?

Watch today's show with Audrey Woulard an internationally recognized natural light photographer, speaker and teacher. Audrey is known as Chicago's premier children and baby photographer.

We talk about how having an open palette to do what you please and breaking the rules will help you create a premier business.

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