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Little Voice Big Impact
We have recently divided the youth at church into smaller groups. We would like to have intense communication between the members for the purpose of building stronger relationships. We believe a strong relationship is the key to influence. As our first home...

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reblog from Kaka's true, warm, insightful, Jesus-inside heart and soul blog . In any season in our lives, there are two things God wants to do simultaneously: 1. Expand His kingdom 2. Stretch our minds The GROWTH is in the STRETCH. – Steven Furtick (I’m Up ...

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No Passing On the Estafet Stick
Hello World, Two things tickle my mind today: Philippians 4:4 Double edge sword Actually the two are interrelated to make a point in this post. It happened that I needed the reminder to rejoice in the Lord always, like what is written in Philippians 4:4. I ...

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Resist the resistance
Mrs. Tin, a good friend of my mom, remarks Christian life as easy to be understood but difficult to implement. She adds, "We know everything we need to know to be a follower of Christ. But why does this body keep refusing to do the right thing? We know we n...

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Undeserved Grace
The concept of grace is often confusing. Grace is given not earned. It is given freely despite of who we are, what we have done, where we have been, or how we have lived. Grace is the expression of the Father of the prodigal son. He hurt the Father. He left...

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All ear and stay
I have the habit of filtering what I listen. If I do not like what I am going to listen I will try as much as possible to leave the conversation. I know those talking to me have my best interest in their mind but I just cannot bear the attacks. I tend to no...

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Not Mine
This morning I was reminded that my time is God's.  Time spent recklessly is a theft.  We do everything for God. We are workers in God's business. In other words, we are His employees. If we laze around and procrastinate, how would our Boss think of us?  I ...

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Things unseen
I have been seeing some miracles this past week. The first one was in Crown Victoria Hotel, parking area. I was parking my car. I put the gear on reverse and looked on my right rear view mirror. There I slowly moved to the perfect parking position. Too conf...

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Tax collectors in Jesus' time had been known as heartless, wicked, selfish, and cruel. Not only they took more tax than the amount they should receive, but they did it forcefully. They are rich, freakingly wealthy. Despite all the money he could or could no...

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Bertobat itu bukan cuman berobat, tapi ngga mau minum obat. ~R
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