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I am a meat popsicle...
I am a meat popsicle...

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Fresh/Raw Thoughts on the Election of Donald Trump
I just wanted to record some thoughts that I have on the morning after Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States of America. I did not vote for him - I voted for Hillary Clinton.  And I voted for Clinton, not because I thought Trum...

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Google Pixel XL - Just A (Really Nice) Phone
Caveats:  I am not a professional reviewer.  I like Google.  I have reasonable expectations, even if I am spending a lot of money. So I bought a Google Pixel XL - pre-ordered through Verizon, got it a week ago.  In order to put this review in perspective co...

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Two Days To Pixel (and I can't wait)
On Thursday I should be getting my Google Pixel XL (silver, 128GB).  I pre-ordered it from Verizon last week, and today I got the shipping notification.  Today (Tuesday, 10/18) Google lifted the embargo on reviews and all the major tech sites have pretty mu...

Ordered my new Pixel XL last week ... I know it's not the true geek way but ordered from Verizon. They're my carrier, the phone comes with almost no Verizon software, all of it is uninstallable, and both Verizon and Google have committed that the Verizon Pixels will get software updates at the same time as the ones sold by Google.

One thing I was wondering - some of the Verizon web information has been a little confusing. Some places say the device will be delivered by 10/20, some say it will ship by then. Today (10/18) I got an email that it has shipped with a tracking number, and my receipt says I got "free" 2-day shipping, so it is looking like 10/20 will be the day!

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One Year On - My Experience With A Chromebook
Note: If you don't know what a Chromebook is, this article may not make much sense.  Check out this link   to learn the basics - there are numerous other reviews and articles on the Internet that you can find with a quick search.  Then come back here to fin...

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And That Was All She Wrote...My First And Last Impressions Of Syfy's "Haven"
SPOILER ALERT - this post details some of my feelings about the SyFy show Haven, and while it doesn't recount the entire plot, it definitely contains spoilers.  If you choose to read on, please be aware that I really liked the show, and the gripes I have wi...

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So... Syfy's "Haven" is almost over, and filming was completed a year ago.  But I was poking around Google Street View looking at the filming locations and came across something nifty.  What you're looking at here is the Google Street View from Pig Loop Rd....

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Google Street View Tour of "Haven"
The SyFy TV show "Haven" was filmed using a variety of real-world locations around what is known as Nova Scotia's "South Shore."  A lot of the street scenes and store-front shots were done in the towns of Chester and Lunenburg, but there were many other loc...

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Notes on the Google Street View Tour of "Haven"
A while back my girlfriend introduced me to a TV show called “Haven” which airs on the SyFy channel.  Haven is about a fictional town in Maine where a portion of the residents suffer from supernatural curses called “the Troubles”.  Through the experiences o...
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