Don't forget to VOTE the Polls are open till 10pm for the Thornton Dale and the Wolds by-election, I urge you to vote for your first choice on the ballot Beckett.

Photo is of the candidate Cllr Mike Beckett (me) with Diana Wallis MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott MEP & Cllr Elizabeth Shields former MP.

We are most concerned with the reduction to buses on the A170 and concerned over the future of the Postbus after April 2012.

We were delighted that the Ryedale District Council, Policy and Resources Committee, 23 June 2011, Item 7 Review of Civic Budget which resolved the Civic Budget should be £6k on councillor expenses (specifically for the Chairman, Vice Chairman and travel expenses etc.)

This was then considered again at Full session of Ryedale District Council on the 18th July, 2011 Item 33 Review of Civic budget, Item 33 minute 7 resolution (a) a resolution to make allowance direct to Councillors for jobs from next year (I suspect this is so they wont be subject to a vote they can be held accountable for) and the conservative candidate in todays byelection did vote for raising this budget for Councillor expenses from £6k as agreed by the specialist committee to £10k, an extra £4k of tax payers money, in this time of austerity!

If we are all in this together then the Council needs to lead by example not cut only the services and not the councillors expenses! Either we are all in this together and everyone should feel the pain especially councillors if they are to show true leadership!

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