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A Test of Our Network
Do you think we can have 25 computers streaming this video at the same time? We are going to find out today! 

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The Power of Other People's Words
The Power of Other People's Words Rarely do we inspire ourselves We don't say or write things that make us want to do better or be better. But the power of other people's words can cause us to stop and pause, reflecting on parts of our lives we have long fo...

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Immigration Monuments
7th grade students created monuments to immigration. They chose an ethnic group and identified some important cultural symbols to be represented in their monuments. 

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Poem, September 8
What is a life well-lived? Can a short life measure compare to a longer one? What is more valuable, excitement and adventure or longevity and consistency? Do you prefer the idea of celebrating your retirement or others celebrating at your wake? Do the dead ...

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Poem, September 7
What will it mean when I hold my first grandchild? Will I finally be able to accept I am no longer young, That my time to be an adult is overdue? Will I reject the feelings of age, rebelling against societies (or my own) expectations of what a GRANDPA must ...

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Poem, September 6
Game Day Ritual Turn the channel to College Gameday I need to see what They say about the Hogs. I wait for the phone call from dad. The ritual of the phone call every time they play Except He won't be calling anymore That ritual died when he did. Then comes...

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Poem, September 5
Nostalgia You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone meant nothing to a teenager who had everything and had lost so little Amazing how the songs of youth become the painful triggers of the old You see, nostalgia isn't about recapturing joy of the past it...

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Poem, September 4
How much time should a teacher spend Learning more about the content Simply to keep alive the love and excitement Of learning more about the content?

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Poem, July 21
Words These words are not mine They were given to me by all the authors and singers and speakers. So if I use one of your words please remember, you taught it to me

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Poem, July 20
Frozened I would love to comment and state my opinion but last time I got castigated so now I am
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