My Twitter Account: Automated, Engaging and Good Looking!

Am I behind the curve by focusing on Twitter?

It seems to me that Twitter has gone somewhat out of fashion with online marketers recently. The focus has been more on Facebook (as always) along with Pinterest and Instagram and, in some cases, LinkedIn. Oh yes - and YouTube for fast ranking of content.

But the way I see it, once you have your blog set up, the next step should be to create and set up a Twitter account. It's the simplest to set up and run, and it's essential if you want to be regarded as an influencer or an authority and to have a serious online presence.

And, it's easy to link your Twitter account to your blog.

That's why, although I have set up Your Digital Ally on Facebook, YouTube and GooglePlus as well, it's Twitter where I've been putting my setup effort.

If you've not already taken a look at my twitter account, go take a look now (and why not follow me - and let me know in the comments below?)

Not too bad, is it? I think it looks quite nice.

By the way, the image is a 100% copyright-free picture I found on and I've used the same one on all my social media accounts. I also find most of my blog post images on Pixabay. Add it to your favourites!

I've been developing the Twitter account on three fronts:

Twitter Account Growth - SocialQuant

I'm growing my followers on 95% autopilot using an excellent service called SocialQuant. It's 95% rather than 100% autopilot because I go and check (and adjust) the keywords that SocialQuant uses to select which accounts to follow - in the hope of a follow-back.

I chose this service because:

It does the Following for me.

Other services just tell you who to Follow, and you have to do the clicks yourself. This is because of Twitter's API limitations, I believe. But SocialQuant doesn't use the API, so can act fully on your behalf.

It is very selective in who it chooses to follow.

The appearance of a keyword in a tweet is just the trigger to consider the suitability of the account as someone to follow. SQ applies quite rigorous criteria before deciding whether or not follow anyone: and I don't have fiddle around deciding for myself what those criteria should be.

I get reports on the success rate of each keyword

I then use those report to delete poor performing keywords and test out new ones.

Excellent free training

When you sign up for the free 14-day trial, you're given an excellent 14-day course with detailed advice on how best to set up a Twitter account for maximum effectiveness.

In a future post I'll explain in detail how I use SocialQuant, and in particular how I find, monitor and track the keywords it uses via a Google Sheet that I created. I'll also tell you the one thing I wish I'd done differently before turning on the service!

Autoposting Collections of Tweets - SocialOomph & Social Motiv8

I'm using SocialOomph - one of the very earliest Twitter (and more) automation tools - to auto-post pre-defined collections of tweets.

I'm using it because it provides the most flexible and powerful facilities - even though its user interface is quite uninspiring!

These are the collections of tweets that I'm auto-posting. Note that in each case, I cycle through each collection repeatedly.

Motivational Quote Images

I'm using the Social Motivat8 collection of 150 images which I created for myself and now sell as a product.The reason I'm using these is purely to get as much engagement within my account as I can without me having to go in and engage personally! But see below for more about this. It definitely works.

A collection of humorous one-liners with images.

Exactly the same idea. I've not created as many of these, and not turned them into a product (yet). One day I'll test to see which get the most engagement.

Tweets about past blog posts.

This is the "business" activity, of course.

Whenever I write a new blog post, I create three different tweets about it and feed them into SocialOomph. To be able track clicks on each individual tweet, I use a unique link for each one.

As I write more blog posts, the proportion of tweets that relate to blog posts will increase. At the moment my tweeting is heavily motivational-quote oriented!

Again, in future blog posts I'll explain exactly how I set things up in SocialOomph, including

How I add my own watermark to all the 150 Social Motiv8 images in one operation using free software

How I set up the queues of tweets in SocialOomph

The system (Google Sheet) I created to automatically calculate the posting frequencies for each of the queues

The process I go through to construct the three tweets and unique URLs for each blog post and add them into the correct place in the queue of other blog post tweets within SocialOomph. Again, I use a Google Sheet to streamline, semi-automate and simplify this process.

Automatically Posting a Tweet (and more) when each blog post is published

As well as a…
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