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Philly Small Press Faire
Tonight after work, I'll be driving to Philadelphia with a carload of books for the first ever Philly Small Press Faire . The Faire is the brain child of Pat Aulisio , who was generous enough to extend the Hidden Fortress an invitation to display our goods ...

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RIPExpo 2016
RIPExpo poster by Marcel Mensah I'm about to embark on a lovely mid-morning stroll to the downtown library here in Providence, for the third annual RIPExpo . It's one of my favorite shows of the year, and not just because I can walk to it. Good show, run by...

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SCREWJOB #4 in Stores Now!
The first time I attempted to print the covers for SCREWJOB #4, everything on my press seemingly broke at once, and I struggled to get them printed. And much to my dismay (and probably due to all the technical challenges), the cover printed way too dark. I ...

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Screwjob Presents: Major Bummer
Hidden Fortress is debuting a new anthology series at CAKE  : Screwjob Presents! Each mini-sized issue will focus on the work of one SCREWJOB artist, and we're psyched to have Peter Faecke 's Major Bummer as the inaugural book!    I met Peter at last year's...

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The Hidden Fortress has been buzzing with activity the last couple of weeks, madly printing SCREWJOB 4s for CAKE next weekend in Chicago! Look at this insane cover from my favorite mad genius, Tony Astone : SCREWJOB 4 Cover by Tony Astone SCREWJOB 4 offers ...

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Hidden Fortress Print Club and the ICONS of Pro Wrestling!
I've been loving my time working at local print shop the Headlight Hotel . We're already feeling the heat of the summer concert season, as a steady stream of psychedelic tour posters for jam bands I've never heard of are piling up. I'm forever grateful that...

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Comic Arts Brooklyn 2015
Well I'm just about to hop in the car, trunk overflowing with comic books, and drive down to Brooklyn, NY for the 2015 edition of CAB, the Comic Arts Brooklyn . It looks like they've put together a hell of a show, once again. We'll be downstairs at the Mt C...

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MICE2015 and SCREWJOB Second Printings
The good news is we sold out of the first printing of SCREWJOB #1! Obviously, that's good for a number of reasons, but most importantly, I've been wanting to get a second crack at printing that cover; I never felt like I got the colors right the first time ...

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Cartoon Crossroads 2015
This weekend the Hidden Fortress will be traveling west for the first ever Cartoon Crossroads in Columbus, Ohio! They're trying to spin it as a "trial" or "beta" run of the show, but with three days of awesome events and programming , and special guests lik...

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On the Road to SPX 2015
The car is loaded with SCREWJOBs, Monster books, comics, zines and T-shirts, and we're south-bound for beautiful Bethesda, MD for the  Small Press Expo ! You'll be able to find us at table K2, right next to the amazing  Michel Fiffe  and  Kat Roberts : I've...
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