I recently bought a new high power rechargeable LED head torch via Ebay (Also available through Amazon) Via this link


It uses two Li-ion 18650 batteries in a battery pack at the rear; and has several modes. The batteries can be charged inside the unit (via a Micro USB cable) which is very convenient for most of us.

It has a cluster of five main fixed focus lamp units on the head unit. Plus a small red lamp in the battery pack at the rear; which can be useful for cycling etc.

The main switch on top of the head unit can be switched into 6 modes. Three levels of wide beam. A very tight spot lamp. All lamps together; and finally a fast flashing mode to contact distant civilisations or ships at sea.

This unit is agressively bright. It is NOT a subtle or variable light, with a zoom. It's just brutal powerful beam. Great for searching for a pet a night; but NOT as a fishing light or reading a book in a tent. If used on the road when cycling; people in trucks will flash you to turn it down.

NEVER point this directly at someone. Even in daylight.

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