Nexus 7 Quick Review
Okay this device is absolutely beautiful, much of what can be said has been sad.  Its fast, elegant, and runs beautifully.  Despite the issues with the play store, I will say, the frustration was absolutely worth it.  It is without question one of the single best devices I have used, and I actually would place it above the iPad for me personally.  Smaller tablets work for me better which is what attracted me to this tablet.

Even though Google is touting this as a consumption device, the fact is within five minutes I have several music creation programs up and running.  The 7 inch tablet format was far more ideal than any phone, and easier to manage for me than my partners iPad which lacks balance for me.  This quickly became one more tool in my music studio which will probably find extensive use. 

The one thing I would like to note, the speakers are not the best for music, it is best to stick with headphones.  A minor gripe in an otherwise beautiful device.  The other problem I encountered is the voice recognition in Jellybean/Google Now is not as refined as ICS.  I think this will improve over time and through usage.  
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