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Nexus 7 Quick Review
Okay this device is absolutely beautiful, much of what can be said has been sad.  Its fast, elegant, and runs beautifully.  Despite the issues with the play store, I will say, the frustration was absolutely worth it.  It is without question one of the single best devices I have used, and I actually would place it above the iPad for me personally.  Smaller tablets work for me better which is what attracted me to this tablet.

Even though Google is touting this as a consumption device, the fact is within five minutes I have several music creation programs up and running.  The 7 inch tablet format was far more ideal than any phone, and easier to manage for me than my partners iPad which lacks balance for me.  This quickly became one more tool in my music studio which will probably find extensive use. 

The one thing I would like to note, the speakers are not the best for music, it is best to stick with headphones.  A minor gripe in an otherwise beautiful device.  The other problem I encountered is the voice recognition in Jellybean/Google Now is not as refined as ICS.  I think this will improve over time and through usage.  
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I made a game in 48 hours using a Transformer tablet, and one of the most unexpectedly easy things for me to do was create music and sound effects because of the wide variety of apps for that purpose.  

I would have never guessed that a tablet would be so capable as a sound tool.  I'm sure the Nexus 7 is even easier to use in terms of generating sfx or working with a beat box precisely because of the size.

Now if only it had a keyboard dock for the rest of it all. ;)
+Tony Patino I am kind of thinking about this as a controller as well, specifically for visual programming with Pure Data or Reaktor.  There are some things where an X-Y pad is preferable to a keyboard.
I am kind of picky in terms of what I use for actual music.  
Xin Li
Damn, I was thinking of getting one myself.  But I already have 2 android tablets at home that I barely touch.  I have a Xoom, and it's horrendous.  TOo large and too heavy.  And then I have the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  IT's light, but too big for reading a book, and the software on it is rather slow.  Honeycomb is only half baked.  

So now I wonder if I should get this device, which runs on Jellybean, which is much smoother than Honeycomb, and it's small enough to work better as an eReader.
I feel it works great as a reader, and I am a big Kindle fan. My one worry about the N7 was that it wouldn't make the grade as a Kindle Fire replacement, but I am delighted that my Amazon content works great on the N7 .. so no need to lug around my heavier, clunkier, battery hog Fire.  
+Xin Li I thought they gave out the Nexus devices at Google to their employees?  
Regarding that, I actually avoided the 10 inch devices for the reasons you have stated, they are too big for me to be comfortable.  I did get a fire, which was right in size, but lacked the android experience I was used to.  
Also it works okay as an eReader, I still prefer my actual eReader though to read text.
Xin Li
+Christine Paluch The last few years they've given out a tech gadget as a Xmas present.  But that's not guaranteed in any way.  And of course there's no telling what they are going to give this year.  Last few years it's been phones, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus.  I'm not aware of any Nexus brnaded android superphones on the horizon.  Though of course I don't work for the android team, and they keep their schedules pretty close to the vest for obvious reasons.  So even if they did intend on releasing a super phone, I wouldn't know any way.  

So yes, this year they might give us a Nexus 7 tablet.  That's why I'm a little hesitant to buy it now, in case they decide to give it to us for Xmas.  Of course it is only 250 dollars.  So it's not like plucking down 550+ for  a phone.  So I might bite the bullet and do it anyway.
Xin Li
+Christine Paluch Actually I can't give away the bonus device.  I can gift it to anyone.  But I can't resell it for money.  Granted chances are low that anyone would find out if I did.  But, I'd like to play by the rules and not abuse google's generosity.
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