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Policy and Technology, I love thee.
Policy and Technology, I love thee.


The Problems With Google Home.
As much as I like Google Home it has some major issues. In order for this device to be workable, and useful these need to be resolved immediately.
1. When asking netflix to play a title, it plays it back in spanish. The settings for our Netflix account are in english. This is a major bug. There needs to be a way to make sure that things are playing in the right language because right now this is extremely frustrating. While I am tempted to blame +Netflix, I think the fault lies with the Google home team as well. This needs to be a seamless experience.
2. The commercial issue. Google needs to make damn sure it does read commercials as queries from the user. This has been all sorts of annoying from playing songs to starting netflix on our tv. Seriously Google you need to get control of this issue NOW. This is the single biggest problem with Google Home.

Right now I am on the verge of unplugging this smart device for good and forgetting such things in general from this point forward. This is not helpful, this is not useful, it just comes off as completely broken.

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Yup. Japanese and German Robots. Some are domestic too though.

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This is a major issue for an AG. Especially on investigative issues. This may be why even Issa, who is a hardline GOP partisan, suggested the need for a special prosecutor.

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Here is my new PraxisCat album. It is what I have spent much of my time on for the last several months. It is chaotic, bizarre, and sometimes beautiful.

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Interesting read on geographic sorting.

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I have written about this previously. America is completely unprepared for this, especially culturally. In fact I believe we are already seeing the results of this, people are scapegoating immigrants and trade, and voting on this. But raging against the literal machine is not even on their radar. The truth is these changes have a far greater impact on rural America than urban America. The automation is hitting there first, than the coastal cities that have moved away from manufacturing based economies and more towards creative, knowledge, and service based economies.

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Worth reading.

I have been absent from google plus. I am back. I will be posting more again as well as launching a policy blog.

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Babymetal is touring the US in 2016, and yes, I indeed did get tickets when they play walking distance from my house at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD.
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