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Thomas Marlowe
A writer of modern and historical fantasy, a rambler in the borders of otherworlds
A writer of modern and historical fantasy, a rambler in the borders of otherworlds

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To err is human, to forgive divine But I’m no god, no angel, and therefore I’ll own the frail humanity that’s mine Eschew forgiveness and admit that flaw Amazing grace is offered, but you know If what you did was part of His great plan Then call on Him, for...

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A Light Motive
Old demons never die, they simply dim their flames And decompose through all the crime scene stages Righteous hatred stiffening in the rigor of history Prodded and examined, Questioned and challenged, The images of fire debated and heat’s meaning discussed....

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Jody Call
Drumbeats tonight and every night Distant enough that you can still lie to yourself That it’s your pounding heartbeat Hypertense blood fleeing the pounding rhythm Corpuscular refugees in flight, surge and rest, surge and
rest, Fading, flagging, carried in t...

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Bye, Koo.
Counting syllables Does not make a haiku, pal There's much more to them.

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An exposition in verse of conditions, both meterological and biological, experienced during a daily commute from home to work.
Inside fire, and mist outside Unpleasant, lengthy, morning ride

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In Support of the Land of Crasti
They were here, right here, I’m sure Last night before I slept I’m sure I left them here By the bed, by the alarm clock Ready for me to pick up in the morning I almost babble with panic as fingers scrabble Over throat lozenges and fake wood veneer Filled to...

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Anathema Drumbeat
In the dusty caverns of the temple, in the burned out ashes of the hall In the empty echoing of ages we stand and smile and silence takes it all Through the endless empty march of seconds, Through the days so brilliant and bleak Through the nights and throu...

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Here is wisdom.
“Vimes had once discussed the Ephebian idea of ‘democracy’ with Carrot, and had been rather interested in the idea that everyone had a vote until he found out that while he, Vimes, would have a vote, there was no way in the rules that anyone could prevent N...

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An alchemist scowled and he said While gloomily scratching his head Perhaps I’m too old To turn self into gold I guess I’m too easily led. In Response to Studio30Plus ' Prompt "Guess" or "Reckon"

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The Watchers on the Wall
An extract from a manuscript discovered in the ruins of Lughdunum in the early 24th century following the great Barcode Wars.  It appears to have been a satirical play, author unknown. This extract is from Act III of the play and takes place in Adlerstan on...
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