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Just saw some protests in Rosarito B.C. Mexico. Protesters were blocking the road. Wish I could have taken a photo. Didn't get a chance to read their sign either.

I saw it happening right around here:,-117.0624217,907m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Regulations should be enacted and enforced by the collective and voluntary pressure of a society, not by the threat of violence.

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Just got asked to leave (kicked out of) Walmart for using my computer. +Chromebook​ Was on What? Why?

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I just scored a $40 Chili's gift card by paying exactly $0 by using my Points on Gyft. Check it out.

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The transaction volume is insane right now. Since most bitcoin wallets don't properly adjust fees automatically for their users, lots of transactions aren't getting confirmed. 

Combine this with the "Some Miners Generating Invalid Blocks" problem which makes it so that basically 99% of users "should wait an additional 30 confirmations more than you would normally wait." and you got a big problem.

The community needs to get major wallets to make sure their defaults are sending high enough fees to get into the next block.

Meanwhile Litecoin seems to be enjoying the attention it's been getting with all this drama.

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Ever wondered what a dog's tongue does when it's vorcaiously drinking water?
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