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Not many cities would put this on a monument. Points for Edinburgh.

So, which way do eat corn (algebraically or analytically) ?

Interesting experiment on fonts and perception, in the NYT:

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I hadn't remembered Project Euler for a while, but the last couple of weeks I've been doing a problem or two most days with my morning coffee.

They are fun little problems, and designed to be solved computationally in reasonable (i.e. < 1 min computation time) if your approaches aren't naive.

Some are trivial, some take a bit of thinking, and many can be solved on paper quite reasonably if you'd rather attack them that way, although it is geared towards computational approaches.

Another article on Canada's weak technology sector:

Many of these are cropping up now to discuss the fate of RIM, of course, but it is more interesting to look at the broader picture.

Looking for work I can't help but contrast how the sector feels here in Toronto compared with the Bay area, for example. Maybe I haven't been here long enough,but thought there are a few stand outs it seems pretty anemic for the size of the city.
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