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Troy Camplin
Interdisciplinary Scholar, Poet, and Playwright
Interdisciplinary Scholar, Poet, and Playwright

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I am the Poet
I am the poet in the tree Up hear no one comes after me I'm free, a flea upon my knee I am the poet in the tree I am the poet in the bush And here my lyrics need a push There is a thorn here in my tush I am the poet in the bush I am the poet in the grass I'...

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I Promise You
I love you for the things that make you you I promised it to death I'd love you as time works to make you new Love takes away my breath I love you every atom made of ash My supernova star I'd love you eternity's short flash That makes you feel so far I love...

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The Future
The butterfly is leaping from the cusp The petals make unfolding in the sun -- A flap, a cantor dust of dew sprays out From hair-wide legs and in the air have spun In golden spirals undulating down, Refracting butterfly reflections won In scattered wavicles...

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Ethics: Natural Law vs. Voluntarism
In Beauty in the Word , Stratford Caldecott argues that there are two main branches of ethics, the natural law tradition and the voluntarist tradition. The natural law tradition, which one could also call virtue ethics, was promoted by realists like Aristot...

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Beauty in the Word -- Poesis and Education
"All human beings desire to know the truth, to know reality. There are many who wish to deceive others, but few who want to be deceived (and therefore enslaved)" (8-9). "Attention is desire; it is the desire for light, for truth, for understanding, for poss...

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra's Sensory-Friendly Performance
Last night my entire family attended a special concert for families with autistic children put on by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This sensory-friendly performance was the second annual performance, and it is the idea of the conductor himself, Jaap van Zw...

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Beauty and Ideology
In beauty there is strong connection In beauty there is love In beauty there is paradox In beauty there is awe In beauty there is growth and life In beauty there is infinite delight In beauty there is deep complexity In beauty there's the promise to be free...

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Meaningful Words in a Text Proven to Have Fractal Distribution
In my dissertation, Evolutionary Aesthetics , I had a chapter titled " Introduction to the Fractal Distribution of Words in a Text ." Because of my lack of technical skill and institutional support, I didn't pursue that line of research (I instead pursued s...

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A Love Sonnet
I can't connect outside my intellect -- Excepting the deep love I feel for wife And children -- one is natural, one a gift From sources never known before -- this life, An alien among the earthlings, sings In tunes I cannot quite repeat, a feat That makes m...

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The Social Individual and the Self
Here is some research which I will definitely be following, because it has everything to do with my own developing ideas on human socially-derived individuality. Roy Baumeister has a theory that humans are unique in having true selves, which in turn allowed...
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