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Essien Essien
Slightly off-kilter ambidextrous outdoor lover, on a continuous journey of self discovery
Slightly off-kilter ambidextrous outdoor lover, on a continuous journey of self discovery

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They walk among us :-)
Seriously though... The expressions the adults faces are priceless.
This is really neat! 
h/t +Carl Brett  :)

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This GIF is hilarious... Just ignore the article... Who gives two hoots about programming anyway? :-D
Calling Java Classes Directly from .NET

It's a fact that most production environments now use a mixture of both Java and .NET, despite all the partisan disputes over which side should "win." To be prudently responsible in the face of this business reality, it is imperative that developers get both sides to work together. Interoperability is no longer an option: fortunately, you do have some options for choosing the best path for achieving interoperability for your project. Your specific interoperability needs may vary, based on your current systems and project specifications. Perhaps you already have some perfectly good "legacy" Java code that you don't need to change, but want to extend with new .NET components. Or, you're creating a new system, and want to assign tasks to the better-suited platform, so you're using J2EE's Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) for the scalable back-end system, and .NET Windows Forms to create a rich desktop GUI. In either case, you may need direct access to Java classes from .NET. This article briefly discusses the major interoperability methods available and highlights some issues to consider as you make your interoperability selection, and demonstrate class-level interop with a specific example.
Calling Java Code from ASP.NET Web Applications
There are many other scenarios that could require ASP.NET code to call Java. Your company might have invested in a Java library or application and need to use it with new .NET development. A merger or acquisition might require .NET and Java applications from the merged companies to work together. Or you just might want to get existing .NET and Java systems integrated to accomplish a business goal. In all these cases, you need to solve the problem of Java/.NET interoperability.

Calling C# code from Java?

Bridge between Java and .NET (intraprocess, fast, object oriented, open-source)

Call .NET/C# code from Java
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Oh s**t :-)
GREEN.shirt vs. BLUE.jeans . ..looks like a lot of fun/happyness..and in the end no winner ☺

same fEeling in IngRess (sometimes😀)
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Happy Birthday +Gail Beerman

Sending you a polar bear hug

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Now we can all ask that one question: "Why did the fish cross the road?"

Thanks technology!

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Beautiful inside outside
is it nostalgic dreamy

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I have seen this very place in my dreams...
Hold my hand my love
You'll feel...
This shove...
Hold my hand right now..
And don't you go away.

You're like miracle,here in my life.
I am not alone...
Have found my way.

Sit down near me...
Are you feel this moves?
It's my heart...
It's beating,I'm burning inside...
I am not able to say or to show...
But hold me right now and stay by my side...

I wanna melt...
And this moment will stop,
I have found my shelter,inside of your soul...
So hold my gentle, I'm little drop,
Show me your love, please give me hope...

The poetry by me!
The painting is by Leonid Afremov

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Thanks a lot... nothing quite cheers you up like the truth :-/


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Notice the great sword ICE in his grasp... ah well... the great umbrella in this case ;-)
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