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Hello Entrepreneurs, and Fans - Join us at "Live Sharks Tank®" episode 39 demo+pitch & VIP-party! NOW-Every startup - can raise up-to $1,000,000.00 One Million Dollars from the CROWD!Startups apply click this link:! We are nearing a sellout audience and welcome anyone whose age is 21+ to this event. Get your early-bird ticket click here:

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Google+ peeps,

Please join us this Friday... at 35th, consecutive monthly, episode of "Live Sharks Tank®"   Additionally, we need your help, please be an evangelist and, share the following text with your social media outlets, Thank you so much!

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

We would like to invite you the 35th episode of "Live Sharks Tank®" Friday, May 20, 2016 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM @ Ruby Skye 420 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA

Here is the current list of Startups:
This event is for anyone who's age is 21+! An RSVP, here gives us a count, and we thank you. However, in order to enter the event you must have a ticket, get your early bird ticket here:

"Live Sharks Tank®" events include demo+pitch, business mixer & VIP after Party with the investors and startups! This is an AMAZING monthly event open to all Business Verticals! Software - Hardware - Any and All APPS (iOS, Droid, Windows Phone, Native & Web. Any Product / Service / Food etc. It's no secret that most anyone in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco startup ecosystem is plugged in.

Yes, Startups have rec'd funding right on stage!  Our event is Judged by Startup-Industry Pro's, VC's and Angels! Therefore startups, you must bring your "A" Game!

S T A R T U P - F O U N D E R S, apply to get on the stage, click this link:

Here are some success stories of Startups after participating in the Startups Showcase “Live Sharks Tank®” event.

1) Looksery: sold to SnapChat for $150,000,000.00,
2) Whale Path: raised $2,000,000.00
3) Bouxite, Inc: raised +$1,000,000.00 seed.
4) Wedding Snap/Eversnap: raised $1,500,000.00
5) Oru Kyak: raised $500,000.00
6) CitiBiss: raised $500,000.00
7) UpOut: raised MM$ Angel round.
8) Kuli Kuli: $350,000.00 in equity crowdfunding
9) Banter: raised $300,000.00 seed.
10) Tycoon RE, raised $250,000.00 seed. Recently sold-MMexit.
11) Bounty Hunter: raised $100,000.00 seed round.
12) SmartPhoneRecords: raised $100,000.00 seed round.
13) MyFlow: raised $100,000 seed entered Chinese Accelerator!
14) Ladada: recently sold to a PE firm.
15) Leland Tea Company: entered into a MM$ W/label Agmnt.
16) Bringsy: raised seed accepted into Plugandplaytechcenter.
17) Plann: accepted into Mind the Bridge accelerator.

These are a few of the success stories.

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Happy New Year - to your entire familia, business and you!

We are looking forward to 2016, I hope you can join us at "Live Sharks Tank" Season 3, episode 31.

Also if you can grab a moment, please like these pages that support our Startup Ecosystem:

Thank you,

Jose De Dios
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You may consider becoming a sponsor of  “Startups Showcase Group”  we have over 20,000 members and produce an amazing monthly event.  Reach back to discuss, in the meantime join us this Friday…
We have 10+ startups each month get onto the stage to pitch their ideas to the Sharks/Judges. This event would be a great avenue for PAS to spread the word, perhaps as a sponsor. To that end, we are preparing the next edition of "Live Sharks Tank" episode 29, November 20, 2015 and all are invited.
We hope you will join us:
1) Please RSVP at Startups Showcase meetup page:!
2) Get your tickets now before the price goes up!
3) STARTUPS APPLY TO PARTICIPATE by clicking this link:
4) Here is our facebook page:
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Join us at Startups-Business-Intelligence on Meetup

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Join us at Mobile HTML5 on Meetup

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"SHARKS TANK" episode 28, by Startups Showcase... Which startup will make it onto the stage and convince the Sharks to take a bite in exchange for some equity?  Join us and find out!

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Hello friends, it's officially a HIT we hope you can join us at the next, 2015 edition 9 Startups Showcase, "Sharks Tank":
Now that the cat is out of the bag, it's the Blu Pure XL. I'll bring you guys my full impression in a few weeks need more time with it.

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Hello friends, it's officially a HIT we hope you can join us at the next, 2015 edition 9 Startups Showcase, "Sharks Tank":
Millennials are leaving their employers twice as fast as those from older generations
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