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what can we do? nobody is concerned for the working man!   The big barons and tycoons of the 19th thru the 20th century were forced by unions to give the working man a fair shake.Seems like they  have spent the last century convincing the worker that he is only important as an individual and the unions were not helping! The working people bought into that lock stock and barrel and the unions are going byby.
The stuff under the meat and fat of this country is just selling and buying, consumerism. The working man sells for the sellers for very little then turns around and buys from them for more than a little.  Its just a little out of balance the Walmart family has as much money as the lower 40% of the United States they pay minimum wage for employees with the extra cost going back to moneys from taxation. Food, heating and housing assistance are some things paid to minimum wage earners to bring them up to a living wage while they work for Walmart, MC Donald's and such. I wonder how much can be saved in our national deficit buy having these multinationals companies pay a living wage and take this off the tax payers back. 
I also wonder why during hard times in this country part of our politicians are wanting to pay off our debit that they created during good times, instead of helping create good economical times where it would be easy to pay off? I wonder if that's related to working for the multinationals?
The millennium generation's largest employer is retail with an average yearly income of twenty thousand dollars with a work week of over forty hrs. 
Then there is the Koch Brothers! Look them up for a great sinking feeling.
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i have been going here with my dogs and cats since 1975. I have used other vets in the area on evening emergencies, but this is the best!
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