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A brief description of me!

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Wow, Google+. Still kickin', huh?

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+Britt-Renee Verfaillie Methinks you will like this.

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Hey +Lori Nicole have you heard of this food thing? And if so why have you not already started one? Because that's what I'm doing soon.

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Happy #TowelDay  everyone! This is the last chance to enter to win the signed #DouglasAdams  poster through G+!

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+Joseph Chrobak may like this. Also +matthew elton. Also probably everyone cool.
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Your Ego and the Cosmic Perspective | Big Think Mentor
Published on May 24, 2013
In this clip Neil deGrasse Tyson primes your neurons for his 3-part Big Think Mentor ( workshop on Inventing Your Future. Tyson, a theoretical physicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, uses his own life experience to teach how best to seize opportunity and lead an extraordinary life. 

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Here's a pic of a signed poster I'm giving away for #towelday  

Details at: 

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Do you want a poster signed by Douglas Adams? Too bad, because do do I and if you enter too it diminishes my chances of winning!

Just kidding. We all deserve a chance to win things. But if one of you guys win it, you owe me a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.
Douglas Adams fans: In honor of #towelday  I'm giving away rare posters SIGNED by Douglas Adams himself! (I can say rare right? I scoured the internet looking for a photo of one of these and couldn't find it anywhere when I was too lazy to unroll the poster and take the pic myself...) This is a promotional poster from the release of his video game "Starship Titanic" back in 1997. Full details at: 

Be a hoopy frood and share, thanks!

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Check this out everybody! And be sure to share it with all your Google Plus friends (and maybe your facebook friends if you have those).

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This would be a good thing to click on maybe?

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